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June 2013

All of us can change, but we must truly want to and be willing to do what’s necessary to break through our habitual patterns and find a new way of acting. We must discover our own emotional resources and commit to making the changes that will solve the problem. The only person we are in control of is ourselves; we cannot change anyone else, as much as we might try. So if there is some part of you or your life that you want to change, there is one step you must do first before the rest will unravel, and that is letting go.

That might seem a little blasé but let me explain…

We all hold onto shit. It’s stupid, but we do. It makes us feel safe; it’s familiar; it’s known, and sometimes warm and cosy. But what feels safe, warm and secure isn’t always best for us, in fact, it can be destructive! Staying in our comfort zones can be lethal – mentally, physically and emotionally. We hold onto shit in many different forms, for example weight gain, hoarding materialistic possessions, emotional baggage like hanging onto a person or an ex partner, or mental like clinging onto a limiting belief or story you have told yourself for a long time. Either way, they’re all toxic, fatal and weighing you down! They all lead to conditions like anxiety, depression, self-sabotage and insecurity…which none of us want in our lives! Or maybe you do because it’s comforting, familiar and gives you an identity or gets attention sent your way? These are all important questions to ask yourself…

A destructive pattern consists of frequently experiencing an undesirable emotion. It also consists of bad health habits that lead to weight gain, addictions and an unwanted type of lifestyle. When a person is stuck in a destructive pattern, it’s very possible that at some point in the past the person decided not to take care of their body, not to appreciate and love themselves, and even not to reach for what represented happiness to them.Think about it. If we keep hanging on to shit we have been lugging around for years and years, not only will we feel heavy and like a dead weight, but it means we won’t be creating any space for the good shit to come in (people, jobs, opportunities, abundance, love, situations). A lot of us do this in relationships – we hold onto a partner even if we have outgrown them, don’t love them anymore, or even feel attracted to them…simply because we don’t want to be alone or we’re scared of change or what people will think of us. But how will we attract that amazing, incredible person into our lives if we have no physical or emotional space for them because we’re holding onto this other dead weight? This is where letting go comes in… Ask yourself, why are you making this particular decision? Where does this story come from? What values is it serving? Is this person/relationship/situation serving you? If not, why not? What is the core behind the emotions? What do you want to let go of in order to move on? So many of us just bury our heads in the sand and ignore what is truly going on inside us and around us, becoming numb and desensitised to a situation, meaning we have ignored it for so long that it now feels normal.

Regaining parts of yourself that were lost in your relationship means you’ll start to live a more social, well-balanced life.

The exciting thing is, we can all transform! We all have the power to change whatever it is we need to change and the way we do this is by releasing or letting go what it is we don’t want in our lives anymore. Here are some examples of what you might want to let go and create more of within your life:

Let go of the ego, bring forth humility

Let go of thinking poor, bring forth abundance

Let go of self-pity, bring forth gratitude

Let go of disappointment, bring forth pride

Let go of hatred, bring forth forgiveness

Let go of jealousy, bring forth acceptance

Let go of pain, bring forth joy

We’re never stuck! We can release the fear and let go of the shit that is holding us back. The key to transformation and letting go is allowing yourself to celebrate the small wins and honouring and respecting your sacred self for you are the only one who can do this. You have the control and power to completely love yourself continuously throughout your daily life and be gentle with yourself. A good way to let go of emotions or people that are holding you back is to do your own little ceremony, meditation or ritual with yourself or a small group of like-minded friends who are on a similar vibrational frequency as you. For example last night, a few friends and I got together for a ‘letting go’ ceremony…we incorporated Angel cards, sage, incense, candles, crystals, tantric breathing, ommmming, chakra cleansing and all that cool stuff. All week I had been meditating on the word and the feeling abundance and changing my mind-set from a poor mind set to an abundant mind-set (a learned pattern I am gradually exterminating) and during the ritual I was drawn to a particular card in the deck. When I pulled it out…the card said ‘ABUNDANCE‘. I was speechless…I learned never to underestimate the power of letting go and attracting and manifesting what you truly desire.Abundance

So try it for yourself. Select one of the letting go topics above or something that resonates with you and meditate on it by yourself or with a group of friends. Make sure you come back and share your experience with me!

Have an amazing weekend!!


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All of us can change, but we must truly want to and be willing to do what’s necessary to break through our habitual patterns and find a new way of acting. We must discover our own emotional resources and commit

It’s human nature to want to experience heartfelt love and companionship with another being. It’s a mixture of our biochemistry, the way we are wired, social conditioning and our natural instinct! It’s been proven that love makes us happier, healthier

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