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July 2016

This month I will have lived in Perth for 2 years.

And in that 2 years, I haven’t “gone out” once… until last night.

Last night was the first time I’ve  been out to a nightclub, and it reminded me of WHY I don’t go out anymore.

Last night we held a magical Couples Nude Yoga workshop in Perth, and it was themed on SLOWING IT DOWN. (Check out my Instagram to check out the beautiful set-up!) In every possible way. We had 9 brave couples join us on a journey into connective movement, meditation, synced breath, partner yoga, ancient tantric practices and authentic sharing (my favourite bit). We asked each person:

When was the last time you spent 3 whole hours with your partner in close connection without distraction…naked? (and sleeping doesn't count).

Probably not in a LONG time, or ever…

I had an interesting experience during the week which I feel called to share. And the reason I wanted to share this with my tribe is… >> To give you permission to say no to something that is not a f*ck yes. >> To inspire you to look within next time you’re erring on the side of caution. >> To invoke the strength and courage from deep within you to change a situation that is not ideal (yep, you hold that power!). >> To listen to those glaringly obvious red flags and alarm bells, which are sometimes more like internal whispers or humms.

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