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Rosie Rees


We live in such an exciting time; an era where women are rising up at lightning bolt speed and delivering their heart-felt messages and creations to the masses, unapologetically and uncensored.

To think that almost 100 years ago, women couldn’t even legally practice yoga – it was a highly sacred practice designed only for men in loincloths in India!

(certainly not naked yoga for Western women…)

Over the past three years I have birthed a couple of incredible creations, which I am honoured to share with the world and inspire thousands of women to have…more…orgasms and get…naked…more…often!

How it all started…

In mid 2014, I created an online store – Yoni Pleasure Palace – after experiencing an epiphany in a Jade Egg workshop in Ubud, Bali with my teacher Sonja Shrada Devi.

I sat with 15 women in a circle for 4 hours and ceremoniously caressed this green egg-shaped stone all over our bodies, whilst doing yoga, meditating and chanting, and then went on to insert the egg into our vagina whilst doing pelvic pulses and exercises.

It was totally mind-blowing, completely out of my comfort zone and not like anything I had ever done before.

It was the first time I felt really connected to my Yoni, shamelessly.


When I came home to Perth, I realised not many women knew about this ancient practice and no one had any genuine Jade Eggs I could get my hands on, so I started doing my research and finding my own reliable suppliers. I also started using the egg for Self Pleasure, which helped me have deeper, more expansive orgasms!

There was a need and a demand, so I supplied it.


A year later, in mid 2015, I launched my second creation…Women’s Nude Yoga workshops.

Again this idea came through a deep meditation and a euphoric experience while I was practicing naked yoga in my backyard. Whilst I was confronted by the experience, I was deeply moved and transformed from the rawness, vulnerability and courage it cultivated within me. The message came through loud and clear that I needed to teach this powerful practice for other women to have the same experience as I did.

So since creating and launching these two ideas into physical reality, I would love to share with you some tips on creating your own authentic creations and birthing them to the world…

1. Listen to your Divine

When I say Divine, I mean that soft, encouraging, loving whisper inside you that feels like your soul speaking to you. It comes from your heart, not your head, so it feels more like an all-encompassing energetic hug rather than a mental thought. Sometimes it will give you goosebumps, make you cry, or make you stop everything you’re doing and listen.

And when I say listen, I mean really listen…because sometimes that voice is very quiet, and often overpowered by our nasty ego. This is why I practice kundalini yoga, meditation and chanting, because when I do, my mind quietens down so I can hear my Soul speak to me much louder than when I am doing day-to-day stuff.

2. Trust Yourself more intensely

Self trust takes a while to cultivate and lots of practice, so start now!

When I begun life coaching, teaching yoga and starting up my online shop from the ground up I was overcome with self doubt. I cared what people thought of me, I never felt I was good enough, I was constantly intimidated by people who I thought were “better” than me and I would make excuses like “I’m too young” or “I don’t know enough” etc.

But over time, with practice and by constantly stepping out of my comfort zone (and screwing up lots of times) I slowly began to TRUST MYSELF, and with trust comes confidence and knowledge and the ability to make other people feel safe – which is SO important in what I do. No trust – no safety.

My advice? Back yourself.

3. Ask for help / receive support / hire a team!

For two years I slogged it out! I worked my absolute ass off. My inner masculine was in over-drive and I was tired and run down ALL the time. Eventually I burnt out.

It took me getting sick to eventually reach out for help – from my partner at the time, my friends, my Mother and online/virtual assistants. I realised that I just needed to ask for help and receive the support from around me, rather than bust my ass trying to do it all myself.

My partner began to help me with orders, my friends started to help me promote my work, and I eventually hired my Mum to run my online shop (which she freaken LOVES doing!!).

I had to be willing to a) reach out, and b) be willing to receive the help! I also had to be willing to pay people, which in the early days I was not willing to do because I had to save the money. However now, I get so much enjoyment from paying my Mum and my team to help me build my empire!

4. Get out of your own way

The best piece of advice I was ever given was this:


This required me to get out of my own way.

I learnt this lesson when I was doing my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training and I was feeling anxious to teach a class for the practical examination. My Guru (teacher) said to me, “Well Rosie, you have to get out of your own way. Be the teacher, be the vessel. You’re simply a messenger for these teachings.”

I realised this: It’s NOT about me.

Once I felt this truth, any worry, nerves or pain went away. Because it’s not about me, it’s about YOU.

5. Don’t rush

Whenever you feel like you’re rushing, worrying and pushing, STOP and say this to yourself:

“I have an abundance of time. There is no need to rush. Everything will unravel in divine timing!”

When we feel like we have to rush, it takes the pleasure out of it and also makes you slip up because you’re not focussed or present. Manage your time wisely and don’t over-work like I did! Use a full-page diary / online diary to manage your day and allow time for YOU. Take your time…

6. Have fun along the way

This is a big one.

If it’s not fun or enjoyable – what’s the point? Your path or mission certainly isn’t meant to be painful. Uncomfortable, yes sometimes, but not painful or making you unhappy or sick.

If it’s not fun anymore – please stop! With the recent suicide of internationally renowned tantra teacher, Psalm Isadora, it’s heart breaking to know that this woman wasn’t enjoying what she was doing or that she was unhappy or unwell.

Your happiness is paramount. Always.

I always used to get moody leading up to holding a series of classes or workshops and then I realised – what’s the point?? The nerves were taking me out of the present moment and not helping me in delivering my heart-felt, soul-driven message.

So I stopped worrying and starting having FUN!

I now look forward to teaching my workshops and going on tours (like I get seriously excited!!) and nerves don’t play a part in it at all anymore.

There is a fine line between fear and excitement. Find that line and lean into the excitement…

A final note

Although my insight and ideas came divinely from within and manifested soon after, I hired a coach to help me manage the tasks at hand. It can really help to reach out for help and bounce ideas off a trained coach. If you need assistance in developing and manifesting your dream into a reality, I absolutely LOVE helping women open their mind to new ventures, ideas and creations. Please contact me for a free 15 minute consult.

Love Rosie x

Rosie Rees is an online entrepreneur, nude body image revolutionist, relationship coach and sex-positive blogger. Rosie is founder of Women's Nude Yoga - a 3 hour workshop helping empower, liberate and free women of their body image issues. In 2013 Rosie created Yoni Pleasure Palace online store sharing yoni eggs & crystal pleasure wands inspiring women to self love through self pleasure. You can catch Rosie touring the country getting naked on her yoga mat, inspiring women to love their bodies and blogging candidly about all things love, sex, orgasms, spirituality and relationships.

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