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About Nude Yoga


Women’s Nude Yoga with Rosie is not just about practicing yoga in the nude, it is a practice in vulnerability, courage and radical self acceptance. Simply turning up to the workshop is a major feat for some women and enough to change their entire life.

Women of all ages, shapes, sizes and shades come along for a powerful 3 hour immersion in surrender, softening and letting go of our acquired armour, masks, masculinity, shame & body insecurities, which we gather over time from not feeling or believing we are “good enough”, especially in relation to the media’s current standard of “beauty”.

Taught in a safe, honouring, candle-lit space, the workshop is a celebration of our sensual, female form and is journeyed beautifully through breath, sound and movement. The class encourages women to shed what no longer serves them by unveiling their beautiful bodies amongst other imperfectly-perfect women. By being vulnerable around other women we begin to respect our own physical and emotional body, rather than blaming, shaming and taming ourselves (and others). Instead we see each other as equals, rather than rivals.

We see ourselves and the other women in room as beautiful – no matter what size, age, shape or shade.

When we come together as a group of women and shed our layers of clothes and inhibitions, we remove all pretence; we feel feminine, free, wild and completely liberated. We realise that we all have rolls, wrinkles, dimples, creases and scars, and that those imperfections are perfections, when loved, accepted and embraced.



Brisbane Nude Yoga 2016


Each workshop follows a constructed method that makes women feel safe, held, honoured and respected. The space is well heated, candle-lit and private for an ultimate “womb-like” feel to allow women to feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable and shed their laters.

Although most workshops follow the same structure, each theme is completely different – varying from “Reclaiming Your Power” to “Sensual Awakening”.

You can expect the following:

  • Nudity (this is an obvious one!)
  • A gorgeous, private, candle-lit and HEATED yoga space
  • A safe environment to be completely real and authentic
  • 60 mins of gentle yoga (available to beginners)
  • 60 mins workshop segment
  • Authentic sharing circle of women
  • Breath, sound and movement “express & release” techniques
  • Sensuous snacks to celebrate our liberation
  • A photo available for willing participants at the end (not compulsory!)


It is essential that you must bring the following to a Nude Yoga workshop:

  • Towel to place on the mat (for hygiene reasons).
  • Your own yoga mat.
  • A bottle of water to have with you during the practice.
  • Sarong or kimono to wrap around you before we practice the yoga (you can also purchase a gorgeous kimono or sarong with your ticket).
  • A blanket to cover yourself during relaxation, if you so wish.
  • An open mind and heart.


  • Tickets vary between AUD$95 – $129 
  • Ticket + Kimono: AUD$200

* Prices for workshops range depending on location (i.e. if Rosie is touring or based in Perth).

* No refunds available as spaces are reserved once you buy a ticket. 


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      Brisbane Nude Yoga 2017




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