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about, Rosie Rees, yoni eggs,

Hi and welcome, I’m Rosie!

about, Rosie Rees,

I am passionate about creating sacred, honouring, safe spaces for women to cultivate courage, be vulnerable and learn to accept, love & embrace themselves naked – physically and emotionally. 

How I got here…

In 2012 I had an awakening at an intensive 4 day Tony Robbins seminar in Sydney called ‘Unleashing the Power Within’, where I walked over hot coals and visualised my future self – a happy, calm, empowered “yogini” – a far cry from the 25 year old girl I was in that moment!

After my realisation, I swiftly ended a toxic relationship, quit my Finance Recruitment corporate job in Sydney, eloped to India to learn Hatha Yoga and went on to became a certified Relationship Coach through The Robbins-Madanes Coaching Institute.

It all happened in the space of 5 months!

Then in 2014 I discovered two more things changed my life: Kundalini Yoga, and the Jade Egg practice. 

Kundalini Yoga helped me kick my addictions to alcohol (binge drinking regularly), cigarette smoking (a daily crutch since I was 17) and mindless casual sex (to fill the void).

The powerful practice connected me to my higher self, gave me a natural high and allowed me to discover my Inner Power; something I had never felt before. If it weren’t for Kundalini Yoga, I woundn’t be where I am today…

In 2014 I moved from Brisbane to Perth as I accepted into my Masters in Sexology and because I wanted to be closer to my family, the beach, and Bali, which is where my Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training was being held.

It was in Bali where I attended a four hour Jade Egg workshop and felt shamelessly connected to my Yoni, for the first time in my life. After such a profound experience, in late 2014 I birthed my online store Yoni Pleasure Palace, which is now my thriving online family business, based out of Perth selling Yoni Eggs and Pleasure Wands all over the world. Check out our Instagram page!

After teaching multiple 6 week Beginners Kundalini Yoga workshops in Perth throughout 2014, inspiring others to connect to their higher self, their light, I discovered two more things that changed my life: Nude Yoga, and Tantra.

I lived in a “naked friendly” beach shack and decided to explore the art of being naked more often.

When I would come home from the beach, I would roll my yoga mat out in my backyard and strip off to practice yoga in the sunshine. Initially I was confronted and didn’t like what I saw. I felt inhibited, shameful, critical and judgemental of my body. But then over time, I started to surrender more and more and actually began to enjoy the practice. I had an immediate, powerful message from my Higher Self that guided me to teach this practice for women. I didn’t think the world was ready for Nude Yoga…

I now teach monthly workshops in Perth, tour the country teaching workshops and am launching a 6 week journey called Naked Awakening training program to be rolled out all over Australia in 2018!
Rosie x



P.S. Reach out for a FREE 15 minute chat to talk about coaching, yoni eggs or nude yoga! 


Professional BIO for MEDIA:Rosie Rees is a Relationship & Singles Coach, Nude Yoga Instructress and founder of online yoni crystals boutique ‘Yoni Pleasure Palace‘. Rosie believes in growth and transformation through vulnerability, courage and self acceptance and teaches this first hand through her empowering Women’s Nude Yoga. With training in Mysore Hatha Yoga and Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Rosie shares the message of liberation, freedom and body love through ancient yogic technologies and body awareness techniques. She also shares the Yoni Egg and Crystal Pleasure Wand practice with women who want to connect with their Kundalini energy and boost their life-force energy through sexual healing.

about, Rosie Rees,

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