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Author: Rosie

Guest post by Nadine Lee.

Much like all aspects that offer us empowerment, societal conditioning has created a culture of taboo & shame; a woman’s menstrual cycle is one of those. Look at how many women see their menstrual cycle as a ‘burden’. In a fast paced masculine dominated world where we are always DOING, there is no room to rest & surrender, to reflect, to simply BE.

If you’ve found yourself in an toxic or abusive relationship, which is not serving either of your highest good, it’s time to cut chords - physically and emotionally. If you didn't get a chance to read my previous article on determining whether you’re in an emotionally abusive relationship, you can read it here. I am all for working it out after a fight, argument or disagreement and not running away as soon as things get a little tough, however there is a difference between normal relationship niggles and settling because you don’t believe you're worth more (or because you believe he/she will change).

When we disconnect from our Yoni, or let's say our "Sacral Chakra", we disconnect from our life force. When we are in touch with our flow of sexual energy and creative energy (it's the same thing), we feel alive, vibrant and radiant. Even before I knew anything about Kundalini energy, I knew when someone was or wasn't in touch with their sexual energy. School teachers were the most obvious example! Often my teachers in school were elder, overweight, grumpy, divorced women who had a strong belief in Christ (and therefore likely a lot of shame around sexuality). I would often pray for them to get a good ol' fashioned 'shagging' as I felt this is what they needed. And I bet you it is what they needed, and still do!

They say you teach what you need to learn most. By teaching Nude Yoga I learnt how to accept myself more, love myself better, be vulnerable more often and step out of my comfort zone to grow. And I am constantly honoured and humbled to be teaching this practice for other women to do the same. Simple. Nothing more, nothing less. Nude Yoga is purely a physical act of self love; being naked is completely natural, and practicing yoga brings you to an inner homeland of peace, calm, clarity and enlightenment. So in my mind, why not combine the two in a safe, candle-lit, toasty-warm setting with other women who want to do the same - shed the layers and love themselves fully? It takes Self Love to another level. I have overcome body image issues that haunted me for years (boobs are not big enough, thighs not skinny enough, not tall enough etc.) from my own Nude Yoga practice. And all this self acceptance magic happens on the mat when you witness that all women are exactly the same - damn beautiful - and imperfectly perfect! You build an affinity with the women in the room, a deep appreciation for the divine feminine and for her beautiful curvaceous naked form. You build trust, confidence and reverence. It's magic! So as you know, I'm coming on an AUSTRALIAN NUDE YOGA TOUR so if you're not booked in for a Nude Yoga class yet, jump on board while you can as I will only be touring once a year! All tickets can be purchased using this link here. Just choose your city, trust, commit and be the change. For some it's no biggie, for others it's life-changing. Not for you? That's OK too! I invite you to look at the reason why it's not? Perhaps you need to do something you wouldn't usually do. Hey, you might inspire other women to do the same... And besides, what better way to celebrate my birthday today with my birthday-suit yoga photoshoot!? So today I invite you to enjoy your birthday suit, just the way it is! If you feel called, post a celebratory (tasteful...i.e. one that does NOT get you banned) nude yoga photo on Instagram and tag me @rosie.rees with the hashtags: #freethenipple #nudeyogawithrosie #thenuderevolution All photographs are Copyright Rosie Rees ©. Credits to my photographer Zim at The Gypsy's Workshop.

Being a Relationship Coach and a Yoga Instructor, it would be ludicrous for me not to teach Couples Yoga! Right? And why not teach the class in the nude?
The experience is magnified - by a thousand - and brings the couples into a closer connection with each other without it being a 'sexual' connection per se (just because we're naked, doesn't mean it has to be sexual). Naturally, it is quite a sensual practice, however the concept is to create a bond of 'non-sexual intimacy', and couples soon realise after 5 minutes of being naked that it is FAR more of a spiritual connection, than a sexual connection taking place. Teaching Nude Yoga feels like natural progression for me; something I was born to share with the world. So after teaching our first workshop on the weekend in Perth, I wanted to scream it from the rooftops! I interviewed one of the couples who attended, Kendall and Todd, to share their experience with us about how they felt throughout the practice and what to expect (or not expect)...

Expressing your truth can be an uncomfortable, tedious and sometimes, terrifying experience. But it also doesn't have to be. I recently had a session with an incredible healer, who, whilst doing Reiki on my body, found a huge blockage in my throat Chakra. On the drive home, whilst feeling lighter but also highly emotional, I realised how much I wasn't expressing...or if I was expressing, it was not in a very healthy way (i.e. mini tantrums, passive aggressiveness, bottling up). As it turns out, I had communication blockages with my partner, in a business relationship, home-life, family and friendships. Some major and impacting the direction of my life, others minor frustrations amongst housemates.  And of course, the way life works, they all came at once! What I realised is that true communication takes courage, healing takes work, and walking around on eggshells with people is damn painful!

When I tell people I teach Nude Yoga, I get all kinds of responses and facial expressions. I have heard every nude yoga joke in the book and every excuse as to why not come and attend a workshop. Such as: "Eww, I don't want to see other people's dangly bits." "Naked downward dog...interesting." "You couldn't pay me to do that." "Thanks, I think I'll pass." "I don't think I am there yet...wherever 'there' is." "Mmmm. Maybe...if I lost 10 kilos." "No one wants to see that!"  And so on and so forth. I was determined to break the taboo and extinguish Nude Yoga's bad reputation by creating a beautiful, safe space for people to come and experience complete acceptance of their physical bodies. I yearn for people to be able to access, express and release their raw bodies and stored emotions, in a safe and supportive space. I want people to be set free and allow fresh life force energy back in to nourish their bodies and souls with pleasure and vitality...and do it all in the nud!

'Sadhana' simply means spiritual daily practice.
I have always felt resistance to having a daily practice of anything. In fact, I used to take pleasure in how un-routine my life was. Mundanity, ritual and monotony were the enemy; no day was ever the same and I loved it that way.
*Rebel Fist Pump*
I thrived on uncertainty, diversity and variety - it is what got me through the days when I worked in a salesy corporate job in an life-less office environment I despised (i.e. 'hmmm which route should I run to work today?', 'I wonder who will I shag tonight?', 'coffee, tea or vodka?').
A daily practice of yoga, meditation or anything worthwhile annoyed me. Besides if I wanted to practice it I wanted it sporadically and if it wasn't spontaneous, it was routine, which was so...blah.
[Note this is before I discovered Kundalini Yoga. I often talk about my life in terms of 'before KY' and 'after KY', kind of like BC and AC].
Since my extended play-time dancing with my shadow self during my singledom days (her name is 'Roxy'), I realised that this resistance is in fact the reason WHY I SHOULD have a daily practice, whereit be yoga, meditation, prayer, affirmations, gratitude or self pleasuring.
More on that soon...

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