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Life is what you make it. On the same token, Yoga is the experience you make it. If you're constantly thinking throughout your practise, comparing yourself to others in the room, forgetting to breathe, trying to go beyond your limits -

Sometimes do you feel like you've lost that sparkle? Are you low in energy? Not feeling as sexy or confident as you used to feel? Or just feeling a bit down and out? When in a relationship, it's easy to get

One of my closest girlfriends and I were chatting today about relationships and how they either work or don’t work. She began talking about the The 5 Love Langauges and how people give and receive love in different ways, and thus

Every time I switch on the news, it's always doom and gloom. Whether it's the state of the economy, another bush fire, a disgruntled politician, more redundancies, nuclear war, suicide bombs, massacre shootings or a stupid burglar running through a

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