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Last night we held a magical Couples Nude Yoga workshop in Perth, and it was themed on SLOWING IT DOWN. (Check out my Instagram to check out the beautiful set-up!) In every possible way. We had 9 brave couples join us on a journey into connective movement, meditation, synced breath, partner yoga, ancient tantric practices and authentic sharing (my favourite bit). We asked each person:

When was the last time you spent 3 whole hours with your partner in close connection without distraction…naked? (and sleeping doesn't count).

Probably not in a LONG time, or ever…

I had an interesting experience during the week which I feel called to share. And the reason I wanted to share this with my tribe is… >> To give you permission to say no to something that is not a f*ck yes. >> To inspire you to look within next time you’re erring on the side of caution. >> To invoke the strength and courage from deep within you to change a situation that is not ideal (yep, you hold that power!). >> To listen to those glaringly obvious red flags and alarm bells, which are sometimes more like internal whispers or humms.

I have never been one to sleep naked. Yep, admittedly even as a Nude Yoga teacher I have never understood how or why people would choose to sleep naked! You must get so cold!! As a little girl I used to get sick a lot - mostly with asthma and chest infections - so my Mum would always cover me up head to toe in pyjamas, socks, jumpers and blankets. Even leaving the house I rarely leave without a jacket, scarf and maybe even a beanie!

Whether you're a full-blown nudist or you're contemplating dipping your toe into some naturalist activities by coming to one of my workshops, then this article will help you understand why I teach Nude Yoga and the plethora of benefits that I have personally experienced and so many people who have attended my nudie immersions. It might simply inspire you to strip off and roll your yoga mat down in your bedroom, go to a nude beach, Google naked yoga classes in your local city or even book in for a Nude Yoga workshop whilst I am on tour next week in Melbourne and Sydney. Either way, here are some good reasons to get naked:

Our shadow is any hidden, secret, repressed or denied part(s) of ourselves that we do not wish to own, claim, share or let anyone else know about. Because God forbid... "what will people think of me?". We want to keep it under wraps because it aint pretty. In fact it's really ugly! Our fear is that if people knew our deepest, darkest shadows, they would judge us, dislike us, attack us or worst still...abandon us, which is our deepest collective core wound.

Being anxious, stressed or highly strung isn't our natural state. I repeat, is NOT our most natural way of being. Being relaxed, free, sensuous and in-the-flow, on the other hand, is absolutely our natural way of being - in fact it's our birthright! We just have to have the lady-balls to claim it, know we're worthy of it and choose to live it in any given moment. Yes - we hold this power sister! However, so many of us have adapted and conformed to anxiety being our most natural state of being and we have willingly accepted this as truth, usually coupled with popping a pill a doctor has prescribed - a more "socially acceptable" way of smoking a joint to chill the fuck out. 


Your libido is greatly affected by where you live, just ask anyone in a relationship who lives at home with their parents! #instantmoodkiller And recently I have had a lot of my clients unhappy with their home life, and hence unhappy with their sex life. The thing is, to be vulnerable, surrender and let go sexually we must feel safe - both emotionally and physically. 

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