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I haven’t met a woman yet who is not interested in developing her orgasms. Orgasm can be just a few seconds peak experience (raise your hand if this is you? It's OK it's been me too!!). Actually this is what most women who orgasm experience, if they do experience them at all. Or, orgasms can be delicious pleasure waves… they can take us on a journey into bliss… they can open us beyond what we ever knew was possible… they can make every cell of our being vibrate with joy. These big, vaginal O’s are the ones that can literally change your life. I am referring to the G-spot, A-spot, cervico-uterine, vaginal entrance, orgasms experienced in various chakras, multi-orgasms and full body orgasms. The fact is – every woman is capable of having those. And so are you! So, lets get down with this one – why may you still not be experiencing those profound, at times earthshaking orgasms?

Loving yourself isn't just about writing down affirmations on your mirror, meditating once a day or being your own best friend. There is so much more to 'self love' than this. First of all, let me clear something up. Self love and putting yourself #1 is not selfish. I repeat NOT selfish. In fact it's better for everyone in your life if you love yourself, since:   "You simply can't fill up someone else's cup if yours is empty."   I have also realised that self love stems from a total and utter self acceptance. Accepting ALL the pieces of you that you love...and don't necessarily love (yep, that's your muffin top, your jealous bitch side, your upper lip hairs, your wonky vagina etc.). Because when we surrender to our wholeness of light and dark, that's when we radiate love and fullness. We are whole. And besides, how much sexier is a woman who owns ALL of who she is? I love to offer my clients slightly unique, more 'open-minded' ways to connect with the love for ourself. Take what resonates and leave the rest. These are FOUNDATIONAL practices and a great place to start...

The other day I was walking down the stairs at home in my short (very short) yoga pants. My partner’s Reiki client was sitting in our lounge room and she looked up at me as I was coming downstairs and says [with much enthusiasm] “Wow, what powerful, strong legs you have!”

The old Rosie would have taken offence to this comment, thinking she meant I was fat. Ego-driven, self-sabotagey Rosie would have been embarrassed, insulted and ashamed of her ‘shapely’ legs.

However, what flew out my mouth surprised me!

I said “THANKS!!” with a big smile on my face.

And it was genuine.

I was chuffed that she admired my curvaceous thighs. And even more chuffed that I f*cking loved them too!

The way we are showing up sexually is a good indicator of what is going on deep within us.

"As in the bedroom, so in life".

They are not separate; in fact, they are VERY linked.

This is pertinent in my life at present as in the past week that I have not been prioritising my pleasure. In fact I have been putting off delicious love making sessions with my partner - saying something along the lines of: 'Oh maybe later, I just have a few things to do at the moment,' or 'After my cup of tea,' or 'Hmm, I have a head ache,' or 'I want to have a shower and wash my hair first,’ or ‘I’m just too tired right now’. 

The list goes on!! 

Recently I was sitting in a sister circle with about 25 women and we were sharing our experiences with sexuality.

A broad topic of conversation, yes, but deeply healing when discussed openly in a safe space with other conscious women. 

As we all opened up, became vulnerable and shared our experiences I realised one thing: the women all had a similar story around sexuality and their relationship with sex. 

And most stories were along the lines of one of these…

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