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Christmas is about coming together, re-uniting with relatives, connecting to your familial lineage, bonding together over a meal, being generous with each other and celebrating the year that was.

But Christmas is also whatever you make it!

Guest Post by Madison Rosenberger
I was raised Catholic and attended Catholic school from age 5-18, there were a lot of “rules” I learned in Catholic school about sex that never seemed right to me. I never understood the regulations on sex and lovemaking. For example, why couldn’t we have sex before marriage?  The point of making love is to be intimate with one another, and I didn’t quite understand what marriage had to do with it. However there was one thing I learned in Catholic school that stuck with me, and not necessarily for the reason you might think...

Today I want to share something with you… Something that holds incredible power for transformation for couples. Something that is capable of unleashing deep, ecstatic, female orgasms. Something that helps couples in connecting deeper and deeper with each other. I’m talking about Yoni Massage.

The other day I was walking down the stairs at home in my short (very short) yoga pants. My partner’s Reiki client was sitting in our lounge room and she looked up at me as I was coming downstairs and says [with much enthusiasm] “Wow, what powerful, strong legs you have!”

The old Rosie would have taken offence to this comment, thinking she meant I was fat. Ego-driven, self-sabotagey Rosie would have been embarrassed, insulted and ashamed of her ‘shapely’ legs.

However, what flew out my mouth surprised me!

I said “THANKS!!” with a big smile on my face.

And it was genuine.

I was chuffed that she admired my curvaceous thighs. And even more chuffed that I f*cking loved them too!

Recently I was sitting in a sister circle with about 25 women and we were sharing our experiences with sexuality.

A broad topic of conversation, yes, but deeply healing when discussed openly in a safe space with other conscious women. 

As we all opened up, became vulnerable and shared our experiences I realised one thing: the women all had a similar story around sexuality and their relationship with sex. 

And most stories were along the lines of one of these…

If you’ve found yourself in an toxic or abusive relationship, which is not serving either of your highest good, it’s time to cut chords - physically and emotionally. If you didn't get a chance to read my previous article on determining whether you’re in an emotionally abusive relationship, you can read it here. I am all for working it out after a fight, argument or disagreement and not running away as soon as things get a little tough, however there is a difference between normal relationship niggles and settling because you don’t believe you're worth more (or because you believe he/she will change).

'Sadhana' simply means spiritual daily practice.
I have always felt resistance to having a daily practice of anything. In fact, I used to take pleasure in how un-routine my life was. Mundanity, ritual and monotony were the enemy; no day was ever the same and I loved it that way.
*Rebel Fist Pump*
I thrived on uncertainty, diversity and variety - it is what got me through the days when I worked in a salesy corporate job in an life-less office environment I despised (i.e. 'hmmm which route should I run to work today?', 'I wonder who will I shag tonight?', 'coffee, tea or vodka?').
A daily practice of yoga, meditation or anything worthwhile annoyed me. Besides if I wanted to practice it I wanted it sporadically and if it wasn't spontaneous, it was routine, which was so...blah.
[Note this is before I discovered Kundalini Yoga. I often talk about my life in terms of 'before KY' and 'after KY', kind of like BC and AC].
Since my extended play-time dancing with my shadow self during my singledom days (her name is 'Roxy'), I realised that this resistance is in fact the reason WHY I SHOULD have a daily practice, whereit be yoga, meditation, prayer, affirmations, gratitude or self pleasuring.
More on that soon...

Tantra isn't just for people in relationships, and it certainly goes beyond sexuality.  In tantra, the most important relationship that exists is the relationship with the self, as this effects our external relationships - everyone is a mirror. We are the internal microcosm with the external macrocosm (our inner landscape reflects our outer landscape) and it's key that we harness and cultivate that relationship with the self - both human (physical) and divine (God/spiritual) - first and foremost. 

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