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Christmas is about coming together, re-uniting with relatives, connecting to your familial lineage, bonding together over a meal, being generous with each other and celebrating the year that was.

But Christmas is also whatever you make it!

Is your yoni egg propped on your alter gathering dust? Hiding in the back of the bathroom cupboard?  Or is it tucked away in your top drawer, safe and sound, far far away from your yoni? I know a lot of women who buy a yoni egg, maybe even invest in an online course, and have the best intentions to use it but don’t do anything with it. Perhaps fear stops them (i.e. how do I get that thing out!?). Or maybe not not knowing exactly how, or why they should be using it!? Let me share with you one important (and obvious) thing:

Sex can take up a huge chunk of our energy - 

  The thought of sex, the fantasy, the desire, the lead up, the build up, the chase, the choosing (the swiping), the courting, the outfit, the lipstick, the gym work outs, the act of sex, the orgasm, the ejaculation, the 'after-care', the follow up, the safety, the vulnerability - the whole process can consume a lot of our time, energy and emotion. ...if we let it.

I don't believe we lose our power, I believe we give it away; sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. Power often has a negative connotation and is likened to control, domination and having authority over someone or something. This is not the power I am speaking about today. Your true power is your light. It is your essence. Your Shakti energy. Your magnetism. That brilliant inner radiance that burns bright within you. Your womanhood. Your heart. Your womb.

As a pre-pubescent 11 year old girl, I would stuff socks down my sister's hand-me-down bras and hope to DEAR GOD I grew big, beautiful, luscious breasts! I was SO excited to become a woman and grow pubic hair, boobs and hips! Fast forward to the age of 16, and I realised I had to settle for a "handful", no shapely Shakira hips, and by that stage I wanted to wax all my pubic hair off! Go figure. I was certain I was going to get breast implants as soon as I turned 18!  "Then I will be beautiful", I would often think to myself. I just wanted to feel like a woman and look like all the women in the magazines.

Guest Post by Madison Rosenberger
I was raised Catholic and attended Catholic school from age 5-18, there were a lot of “rules” I learned in Catholic school about sex that never seemed right to me. I never understood the regulations on sex and lovemaking. For example, why couldn’t we have sex before marriage?  The point of making love is to be intimate with one another, and I didn’t quite understand what marriage had to do with it. However there was one thing I learned in Catholic school that stuck with me, and not necessarily for the reason you might think...

We live in such an exciting time; an era where women are rising up at lightning bolt speed and delivering their heart-felt messages and creations to the masses, unapologetically and uncensored. To think that almost 100 years ago, women couldn't even legally practice yoga - it was a highly sacred practice designed only for men in loincloths in India! (certainly not naked yoga for Western women...)

Guest Post by Sonja Shrada Devi from WildSacredFeminine
I know when i was growing up I thought sexiness belonged to ‘the cool girls’, the girls with good looks and special ‘sexual skills’.  I felt awkward and totally disconnected from my body and sexual pleasure. Thankfully that’s all changed.  I have been on a profound journey to make friends with my body, I have gotten super intimate with my intimate terrain.  And I have embraced what I call ‘the new sexy’ as a full time job. 

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