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Sometimes I yearn to be manually stimulated.

Not intercourse, not oral, not kissing nor mutual stimulation.

Just good ol’ fashioned fingers, inside me. Filling me up.

Some will cringe or squirm at this term ‘fingering’, but settle in, grab a cuppa and get used to it because I’m going there!

Opening sexually to someone is the most intense, vulnerable, intimate, powerful and passionate experience you can possibly share with another being. I don’t care what people say, sex is a big bloody deal. Since being a single lady over the past few years, I feel more empowered, sexier and stronger than ever. I also have a deeper and more profound respect for the physical act of sex and my own sexual energy that I never used to have. I always knew I was a sexual being (we all are), but I never knew how to harness that…healthily.

O oh. Busted. You've caught your partner watching porn... Either red handed, red faced & in the flesh or from snooping through their internet search history. OR, you've actually asked them outright and they've answered you honestly. This might ignite some of the following emotions: {please note I am writing from the viewpoint of a woman catching a man, however it is just as relevant and likely vise versa. I know plenty of women who enjoy porn!} 

Remember sex isn't just a physical thing, yet so often we just think with our vagina and our penis.

When we have intercourse with someone it’s an emotional connection; a spiritual connection; an energetic connection.

It's essentially a swapping of energies.

You’re mixing your DNA, genes, juices and chromosomes in the most intimate & sensual forms and expressions of affection.

It’s the most scientific chemical reaction you can get.

OK, hear me out. I was speaking to my girlfriend about men and sex and how being too nice & giving the goods away too soon can royally eff things up, especially if you actually want the guy and see potential long term. It’s

Whoa, what a juicy subject matter, riddled with layers and layers of mystery, opinions, substance and eroticism. Every woman is different. Every vagina is different. And everyone woman likes different things. So guys (or girls) it’s a bit tricky to know exactly how to do it the right way. For starters, there is no ‘right way’.

When was the last time you gave your partner head?  When's the last time you received it? When's the last time you gave it and actually enjoyed the giving experience? And do you really enjoy opening up and receiving head? Or do you

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