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Rosie Rees


Tantra isn’t just for people in relationships, and it certainly goes beyond sexuality. 

In tantra, the most important relationship that exists is the relationship with the self, as this effects our external relationships – everyone is a mirror. We are the internal microcosm with the external macrocosm (our inner landscape reflects our outer landscape) and it’s key that we harness and cultivate that relationship with the self – both human (physical) and divine (God/spiritual) – first and foremost. 

Tantra is about reconnecting with the deep essence of YOU on all levels – spiritually, sexually, energetically, emotionally and physically. To reconnect with the self, it is important to have a continuous presence with whatever and whomever is present in your current realm; an ongoing, steady flow of energy and consciousness in your own body which brings about a resonance of self-acceptance and hence, self-love. This presence also helps you to remember your soul nature, but also gives you a strong self-care practice, which is pivotal for singles! Once you feel whole, you won’t need someone else to make you feel complete. That need and desperation for a partner disappears.

Tantra will help you arrive at your whole self again, which will inevitably attract a partner. 

Besides, more than half the world population is SINGLE, so here are some helpful exercises that I regularly use (and I’m in a relationship!). These practices will heighten your vibration, help you drop your awareness into your breath, experience tantra and the sensual centre of your body…the pelvis! 

1.  Eye Gazing with yourself

Connecting with your own eyes is a deeply profound experience and healing on many levels. By using a mirror and looking deep into your own eyes at least once a day for about 5 minutes, you will begin to become more connected with your spirit and how you are feeling on a deeper, emotional level. You will also fall more in love with yourself and see the pure beauty and light that is within. The soul gazing is a meditative practice which will help you reconnect with yourself and also other people’s eyes, especially when you are holding conversation. Lengthen the practice to 15 minutes or longer. For an extra punch, add in ‘I love you [add name here], I really, really love you’. 

2. The Jade Egg / Crystal Wand Practice 

The Jade Egg is an egg shaped stone made out of Jade which is used to insert into the vagina to strengthen the PC muscles and heal any old sexual wounds (physical or energetic) that are deep within the yoni. We hold a lot of stress and tension in the vagina, so it’s important to acknowledge this and use crystals to help clear and purify. By infusing an intention of compassion and self love into your self pleasure practice you will bring about more of these qualities into your being. Here is a fabulous course – The Jade Egg Academy – to learn how to start practicing!

3. Learn how to BREATHE

Breath is life, and life has the potential to be rewarding, relaxing and easy. If you want to learn the Full Yogic Breath, it will help you expand your lung capacity, connect within your self easier, clear the mind and calm the nervous system.

4. Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga belongs to the tantra tradition. Through the tantric scriptures, we are taught ways to relate to the universe in the form of shakti, or the feminine power or energy. This shakti, or energy, that exists outside our bodies also exists within ourselves in the form of the goddess, and is called kundalini. Kundalini can be thought of as the inner manifestation of the divine mother. Within our bodies, the dormant kundalini sits at the base of the spine in the muladhara chakra. Kundalini Yoga aims to awaken this base energy and bring it up into your body and into your life – a creative life force energy!

Watch this video for some live demonstrations.

Enjoy! Rx


Rosie Rees is an online entrepreneur, nude body image revolutionist, relationship coach and sex-positive blogger. Rosie is founder of Women's Nude Yoga - a 3 hour workshop helping empower, liberate and free women of their body image issues. In 2013 Rosie created Yoni Pleasure Palace online store sharing yoni eggs & crystal pleasure wands inspiring women to self love through self pleasure. You can catch Rosie touring the country getting naked on her yoga mat, inspiring women to love their bodies and blogging candidly about all things love, sex, orgasms, spirituality and relationships.


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