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Rosie Rees

Yoni Massage Online Course

As mentioned in my previous blog, I shared about the immense power of Yoni Massage and why I think that every couple and single should study and practice it.

In short: it’s the number one tool for liberating the female orgasm. 

And it’s a massage technique that goes really deep, and works on healing, pleasure and awakening higher consciousness.

“I don’t know a single woman who has a 2-3 hour Yoni Massage at least once a week who is in any way ill or unhappy.”
Beverley Drumm



So: Time to liberate orgasms!!

My gorgeous friend Mariah Freya teaches Yoni Massage for a living, and has a best-selling online course on the topic. And she agreed to offer this course to you, my dear readers, at a very discounted price.

Mariah’s best-selling Yoni Massage Online Course is available to you at more than 50% off!

This offer is only valid for 4 days from today! (To be precise, it is running out on Saturday 20th August 2016). Then it will go back to full price.

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Thousands of women now experience deep, mystical orgasms, who never thought they could…!

Click on the link above to get a full overview of what’s inside. Here’s the short version:

  • Detailed video lectures, explaining everything step-by-step
  • A video of an entire Yoni Massage, showing the entire ritual and all the techniques on a real model
  • Access to a secret Facebook group where you can ask questions, learn more, and connect with other students
  • Monthly, free Q&A calls! Get free guidance from me, Mariah Freya, personally
  • Life-time access to the course from all your devices
  • And Mariah’s fulfillment guarantee: If you’re not happy with the course for any reason, you’ll get your money back in the first 30 days

>> Sign Up <<

Note: This offer will run out in 4 days! Then it will go back to being full price.

Make today the day and experience how amazing receiving healing and pleasure can really be!

Love Rosie x


P.S. If you are single, and don’t have a partner – I still recommend undertaking the course as you will learn all about your own Yoni and you can share with your future partner. You can even do Yoni Massage on yourself (a great place to start!). There are also highly trained practitioners who I can point you in the right direction of in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane, so just contact me for more information!

Rosie Rees is an online entrepreneur, nude body image revolutionist, relationship coach and sex-positive blogger. Rosie is founder of Women's Nude Yoga - a 3 hour workshop helping empower, liberate and free women of their body image issues. In 2013 Rosie created Yoni Pleasure Palace online store sharing yoni eggs & crystal pleasure wands inspiring women to self love through self pleasure. You can catch Rosie touring the country getting naked on her yoga mat, inspiring women to love their bodies and blogging candidly about all things love, sex, orgasms, spirituality and relationships.

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