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Cervix Serpent Glass Pleasure Wand

$ 120.00 $ 99.00



What’s Included:

  • 1 x glass pleasure wand for cervical stimulation
  • Dimensions: 25cm long x 3.5cm (bulbous end) x 2cm (thinner end)
  • Free access to women’s private Facebook group: Yoni Pleasure Palace
  • Express Shipping in Australia, and tracked postage for International orders
  • Shipped from Perth, Western Australia
  • Ships globally
  • Discrete packaging

Sleek, elegant and intricately hand-crafted, our luxurious, unique line of glass dildo/yoni massagers are designed for a smooth insertion and delicate de-armouring of a woman’s yoni.

The end of the wand features a bulbous head to help de-armour the cervix. With a long S-shape bend, the wand helps to assist with G-Spot orgasm (squirting) and cervical activation (since it is so long – 25cm – it’s easy to hold onto and manoeuvre).

Since glass is imperfection-free, nonporous and body safe, your lingham can last a life time!

For ultimate pleasure, heat the wand under warm water or place in the fridge or freezer to explore temperature play.

  • Body safe
  • Curled handle for easy insertion and removal
  • Curved for G spot orgasm and squirting
  • Non-porous and imperfection-free
  • Temperature play (heated / cooled)



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