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Shiva Lingham Yoni Egg – Boost your libido + fertility!

$ 55.00

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  • 1 x medium Shiva Lingham 5.7cm x 2.7cm (medium – no drilled hole) About 2.3 inches long.
  • Velvet satchel for safe keeping.
  • Detailed instructions in brochure.
  • Access to Rosie’s private Facebook Group: Yoni Pleasure Palace.
  • Discrete package.
  • Shipped weekly from Perth, Western Australia. Express post within Australia. Registered post (with tracking number) internationally.
  • To learn in-depth how to use a yoni egg, explore the Jade Egg Academy online course here or the Yoni Egg Yoga online course here



In Onkar Mandhata, a sacred site of India, the holy river Narmada flows. It is here that once a year in the dry season, a few select locals wade into the shallow waters to gather the stones named Shiva Lingham from the river bed.

They are carefully selected in many different sizes and skilfully polished by hand into smooth, round, Lingham-shaped eggs. This gives them quite a masculine energy with its phallic shape, but also a feminine energy with it’s egg-shape – as well as the beautiful markings on the eggs. In this sense, it is said to help balance your feminine and masculine energies and bring them into alignment and ease.

Shiva Linghams are believed to be useful for increasing fertility; receiving impotence and other sexual dysfunction; increasing libido and easing childbirth. In this sense, the stone is best used to strengthen sexual and loving relationships. 

It’s also a great stone to cultivate prana, life force energy and vitality. So if you feel depleted, with no sex drive or zest for life – this is the egg for you!!

If you don’t wish to use internally, you can also use this stone for feng shui purposes when you’re trying to conceive a child ( in your bedroom is best!).

Their colors vary, but they are all a tan color with various brown, red or grey stipes, spots or patches on the stones.

The word ‘Lingum’ comes from the Sanskrit word for symbol (or is also tantric for penis), as these stones are a symbol of Lord Shiva. These stones are an integral part of their worship practices, and have been for hundreds of years. Shiva Lingam encourage you to see the uniqueness of yourself, and spiritually, to see that each of you are part of the whole, yet you are separate individuals within the whole.

The Chakra associated with this stone is the Crown Chakra, which encourages your direct connection to the Higher self.


Yoni in sanskrit literally means sacred temple, and is used to refer to a woman’s vagina.

The yoni egg is an is an egg shaped semi-precious stone, which has healing properties for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance, and is worn by a woman inside her vagina. It’s an amazing tool that helps tone the lower abdomen and strengthen the muscles of the pelvic and urogenital diaphragms, which serve as a floor for all our vital organs. When these muscles are strong they prevent leakage of our vital force and sexual energy (as as well as reduce incontinence “leaking”!) and help us to keep it under control.

The yoni egg is a practice that evolved in ancient China based on ying-yang principle of Taoism, and the yoni egg was and still is Nephrite Jade Egg according to Taoism. When you work with healing crystals you can work with intention to heal any abuses, traumas, low self-esteem and stagnant energies – especially suppressed sexual energy.

You will receive detailed instructions on how to use the eggs. If you would like to journey deeper with the practice, please take part in the the Yoni Egg Yoga Online Course.

“Once you begin using this Yoni Egg, you venture on a Sacred journey in empowerment, activation, self-care and self-intimacy.”


There are numerous benefits of using a Yoni Egg, such as:

  • Increasing awareness and appreciation of your yoni
  • Awakening your creative energy, passion and libido,
  • Becoming A LOT more orgasmic,
  • Gaining control of the perineum and all groups of pelvic floor muscles,
  • Giving a lot of pleasure to your man and helping him with ejaculation control,
  • Harmonizing your emotions and healing your relationship to intimacy and sexuality,
  • Reducing PMS, menstrual cramps, breast discomfort,
  • Reducing menopausal symptoms, by increasing vaginal lubrication and balancing estrogen levels,
  • Relieve menstrual symptoms
  • Overcoming traumatic experiences of sexual abuse.
  • Increase blood circulation and treat circulatory system
  • Rejuvenate reproductive system
  • Improves the flow of Kundalini life force energy
  • Balances hormones by bringing fresh blood flow to pelvic region.


Can you believe that the Jade Egg practice was kept secret for thousands of years and was only taught to the most privileged and elite women of the royal courts.

Over 5000 years ago, Ancient Chinese civilization regarded the sexual organs as the centre of health and a place where one can channel their ‘chi’ (life force energy) to higher Chakras (energy centres in the body). The Jade Egg practice is an ancient Taoist practice and dates back to Imperial China when it was kept a secret by the Empress in the Royal Palace.

The Queen and her concubines practiced using the polished Jade Egg to strengthen the power of their vaginas not only to impress the King sexually, but also to heighten their spiritual strength and transform & transmute their ‘Chi’, which brought them more peace, health, youth and essentially, helped them live for longer.

And, I think we ALL need more of THAT!?

How to care for your egg

  • Store your egg in a sacred space in your bedroom or on your alter (not in the bathroom cupboard!)
  • Regularly energetically cleanse your egg under the Full Moon, in the ocean (or salt crystals or water), using white sage, leaving in the sunshine for an hour, bury in the earth etc. Energetically cleansing your egg brings it back to a neutral energy, as crystals hold onto energy.
  • Please wash your item thoroughly before and after use using hot (not boiling) water and an organic soap or essential oil like lavender or tea tree oil.
  • Due to its natural state, there may be minor imperfections. If you’re unhappy with the egg you have been sent, please reach out and we can replace. 
  • Use during a sacred time, such as yoga or meditation. It’s also nice to sleep with the yoni egg inside you.
  • Wash your egg before and after use and blow through the drilled hole so it remains clean and hygienic.
  • Do not insert your egg if it’s hot – wait for it to cool down before inserting it.
  • Set your intention into the egg before each use.
  • Do not use if you’re menstruating.
  • Consult your GP before using when pregnant. If you have used a yoni egg prior to falling pregnant, usually this is OK, however if it’s a new practice it is best not to start whilst pregnant.
  • Be cautious if you are using a yoni egg with an IUD. It’s widely suggested not to use a yoni egg with an IUD as you could dislodge it.
  • As it is a precious crystal, be careful not to drop the egg as they may break.

Shipping Information

  • All prices are in AUD$.
  • Local orders within Australia are automatically sent express post
  • International orders (outside Australia) are sent registered post with a tracking number
  • For more information on the eggs please contact Rosie.

Please read the FAQs for further details on how to use the eggs and how to care for them.
Rosie x

1 review for Shiva Lingham Yoni Egg – Boost your libido + fertility!

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Amazing I love it!! Feel instantly sexually activated once I used it.

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