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Rosie Rees

rosie party girl

This month I will have lived in Perth for 2 years.

And in that 2 years, I haven’t “gone out” once… until last night.

Last night was the first time I’ve  been out to a nightclub, and it reminded me of WHY I don’t go out anymore.

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE a good boogie with the girls just like the next red blooded woman.

However, when you’ve experienced such oxytocin highs, elation and liberation doing things like Naked Ecstatic Dance (OMG seriously amazing!), running Kundalini energy, having tantric sex with your beloved, practicing Nude Yoga with a group of other amazing women, attending Cuddle Parties, doing Acro yoga and the like… it’s REALLY hard to enter back into such a low vibration environment where everyone is escaping their mind & bodies with drugs and alcohol rather than immersing and relishing in their own natural ‘feel good’ chemicals and hormones.

But I totally get it, because I was like that for a good 10 years!!

Last night I felt comparison creep in. Anxiety. Judgement. Fear. Inauthenticity. I didn’t allow myself to fully “drop in” to the experience, not even after a half glass of bubbles which my body was noticeably rejecting.

I also didn’t feel SAFE to let go. With handsy drunken men copping a feel when they could, a fight starting between two guys over a girl, heads in toilet bowls…the space is absent of safety.

I tried hard to enjoy it…but I struggled.

It felt so foreign and so out of alignment.

It was glorified escapism!

Admittedly in the past, unless I was wasted, on drugs or actively picking up (or being picked up), there was absolutely NO POINT in going out clubbing. There was always a goal… and it never came from love, always from fear – fear of being alone, fear of the mundane, fear of missing out.

So, fast forward to today — being in a loving, committed and amazing relationship, not needing to drink or take drugs to numb out and escape reality, and happily getting my dancing fixes at conscious ecstatic dance events etc… I couldn’t quite get my head around the whole “ going out” experience.


My intention moving interstate was to start a new life…a clean slate…a fresh change.

And with that meant changing my habits, socialisation tactics, tribe and overall environment.

I knew that sleeping around with men on tinder, smoking a few cigarettes every night whilst knocking back a few wines or beers and chugging coffees all day to get me through was no longer serving me.

My body was screaming at me. My hormones were going awry. My emotions were erratic. And my anxiety was through the roof.

{ Sound familiar? }

I knew something needed to change — the old party-girl patterns were not quite fitting into the new vibrational imprint of the woman I was becoming.

I remember thinking at the time, “but, but but, how the bloody hell do I do this!?”

Let me assure you, it certainly was not easy (and sometimes still isn’t since old habits die hard). Let me also remind you that I am still (and always will be) on the path of growth and constantly learning.

Nevertheless, here are four things that have really helped me grow up my reckless party-girl, release my unhealthy habits and step foot onto the incredible path of consciousness, sexual fulfilment, holistic health and overall wellness:

# 1. I quit Tinder

If you’re single and chatting with me over coffee or coaching with me, you will soon discover that I am actually a huge advocate for Tinder – especially for skeptics or introverts (they usually get the most out of it!). I think it’s a fantastic medium for humans to meet other humans (without having to go out to a bar). I mean, how the hell do people meet each other organically these days!?

However, I am also super stringent on what your intention is for going on it. Whatever your intent will be your experience, and for me personally, I realised I was on it for ALL THE WRONG REASONS. Yes, I had some amazing dates (and fucks) but at the end of the day I was hooked on the chase, the high, getting attention and filling a void.

Removing myself from Tinder gave me adequate breathing space to re-discover myself and plug back into my truth (oh and organically meet Ares). It also unhooked me from my addiction to being validated by men and the high that process gave to me. It made me look within for the love, rather than externally (and at the end of a cock).

# 2. Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga has a lot to answer for in my life – in a very very good way! Kundalini Yoga uses breath, mantra and movement to awaken your higher self, clear out all the crap and get your mojo moving again. The practice took me to exquisite natural highs and new levels of self love and self care than anything ever had before. It allowed me the time and space to connect with myself, regenerate my lungs, un-fog my mind and enjoy a buzz that no wine was ever able to give me. Sign up for Yoga Glo (only $18USD a month!!) and check out some of the classes online – seriously amazing!  It’s not gentle, yet it’s not difficult – it’s more about your will power than physical power.

# 3. Conscious Sex + Self Pleasure

Religious and societal dogma denounce and shame sex and sexuality, however I believe it plays a pivotal part in spiritual development, consciousness awakening and experiencing the Divine (much like meditation). If we’re not fully expressed in our sexuality, we’re missing out on so much expression, connection and pleasure — which are all parts (and perks) of living as a human being on Planet Earth.

I started by packing my vibrators away and investing in some good quality crystal eggs and wands (visit my online shop to check out my vast array of goodies!). The yoni eggs, which help to awaken the nerve endings and strengthen the pelvic floor, really really really improve your orgasmic potential — taking you to new highs of ecstasy! They are also beautiful little gems to help you connect with yourself and your Root Chakra – the foundation and the beginning of where all the healing starts!

4. Naked Ecstatic Dance

My beautiful man hosts Naked Ecstatic Dance events every month, and I can’t begin to explain how extremely healing this is. One participant likened the experience to having an Ayahuasca journey sans the plant medicine. Because here’s the thing…you don’t need drugs or alcohol to access these parts of our consciousness. Sometimes just giving yourself permission to let go, strip back all the layers and unleash on the dance floor in a safe, held space (yep, even your lounge room will do!) is just what you need to step up and tap into a whole new world just waiting to be discovered. A world of inner peace, acceptance and sheer joy. To come to our next Perth event on 13th August click here.

These have been four major players in my evolution and these were built on a stable platform of healthy vegan and vegetarian eating, regular yoga practice, meditation, positive affirmations, self contemplation, play-time, slowing everything down and daily nature walks.

If I ever feel like partying, getting drunk or going out…I just check in with myself. Have I prioritised the feel-good things (such as above) or am I neglecting myself?

I’m SO grateful for my night out on the town to help me realise all these little things, and how far I’ve come.

You can’t deny or fight what feels right.

When something feels out of alignment, it’s just a gentle reminder of where you ought to be putting your energy.

Tell me in the comments below, how have you put to rest your naughty habits or your reckless party girl?

How do you now like to PLAY without the need for external gratification?

What are your go-to ways of FEELING GOOD?

Love Rosie x

P.S. Want to find out more about NUDE YOGA? Everything you need to know RIGHT HERE. My next women’s nude yoga is Friday night 29th July >> book here

Photo credit: Melissa Rose

Rosie Rees is an online entrepreneur, nude body image revolutionist, relationship coach and sex-positive blogger. Rosie is founder of Women's Nude Yoga - a 3 hour workshop helping empower, liberate and free women of their body image issues. In 2013 Rosie created Yoni Pleasure Palace online store sharing yoni eggs & crystal pleasure wands inspiring women to self love through self pleasure. You can catch Rosie touring the country getting naked on her yoga mat, inspiring women to love their bodies and blogging candidly about all things love, sex, orgasms, spirituality and relationships.


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  • Sarah2 years ago

    Hi Rosie, what an amazing article for me to read today. Today marks 3 months of not drinking for the exact reasons you mentioned above, I was done with escaping and losing the present moments I now cherish so much. Just last night I awoke quickly realising it had also been so much longer since I last had sex and my thought pattern went from wanting to add tinder back on to deciding to purchase a vibrater at the earliest convenience. With my whispered question to the universe what kind should I get? Your article met my answered question which will take me to your online shop now. I truly resonated in this story and too am moving to another state (Melbourne) for a fresher start, clear mind and new tribe. I’m so excited. Thank you for the gift of words into my mailbox, I will definitely work on the courage to attend nude yoga at some point, though I Jr. We thought that would be something on my bucket list. Loved it.

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