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I work with women and men who are dedicated to learning a new way of conscious relating and who are committed to looking at their old patterns and stories that are limiting them from experiencing ease, joy and unconditional love in their intimate relationships.
I help my clients heal and take massive action in the fields of:
  • Love & intimacy
  • Sexuality
  • Being empowered whilst being single and surrendering to being alone (“all-one”)
  • Ending a relationship
  • Calling in a new partner
  • Becoming aware of old patterns that are not serving you
  • Tantric practices for self pleasure
  • Becoming sensually radiant and self loving
  • Overcoming body image issues


Each session is about 90 minutes in length and held either on Skype, over the phone or in person (Perth, Western Australia).
Our first session is AUD$200, with subsequent sessions being AUD$185.
Most clients schedule fortnightly calls over the space of three months (6 in total). If you prefer to pay in full, please contact me to receive the 6 session discount – you can pay by PayPal or Bank Transfer.
Every coaching session is a transformational experience, and is completely unique to the individual. I believe that every person should have a life coach as we can’t always rely on our friends, family and even ourselves to mentor, soothe, comfort, coach and guide us.
It’s absolutely OK to reach out and ask for help! It’s not a weakness, in fact it’s a strength.
If you would like to go ahead and book in, please click the button below and pay for the session via PayPal. If you would prefer to begin with a free 15 minute chat, please contact me here.


Brought up on a cattle, sheep & wheat property in rural Queensland, I always knew I was destined to move off the land and live a very unique life.


After graduating university in Brisbane with a dual degree in Journalism and Business Management, I couldn’t wait to see the world! I backpacked around Europe for 6 months and lived in London for a year working as a waitress in a 5 star restaurant in Chelsea where I served celebrities, politicians, royalty and sports stars. As enjoyable as traveling, partying and working was, I felt under-utilised, under-valued and over-stimulated with drugs, sex and alcohol.
I knew I needed to make a change for my health and I knew I had SO much to offer the world (more than serving beers in a fancy steak house!).


In 2010 I was offered a graduate finance recruiter role in a global recruitment company in Sydney. I leaped at the offer as all I ever wanted was a “corporate job” that I could sink my teeth into.


After two years working my ass off 7am – 6pm Monday to Friday, I completely burnt out and realised the corporate world was not for me – it was killing my soul.
I found myself in a toxic relationship, over-weight, viciously competitive, over-masculine and hooked on drinking and smoking just to stay sane.



I felt lost, confused, stuck and with no direction in a rat race I couldn’t get away from.


The light at the end of the tunnel came through yoga and a timely intervention by my parents…


In mid 2012 I had a transformation whilst at a Tony Robbins seminar in Sydney called “Unleash the Power Within”, which my parents had paid for my $5000 ticket.  It was here that I looked at my shit, faced my fears, walked over hot coals, expanded my awareness, hugged a million strangers, built up the courage to my toxic relationship, and visualised my confident, beautiful, entrepreneurial future self.


Soon after that seminar, I started my blog, quit my job, went to India and became a Yoga Teacher and studied Relationship Coaching through the Tony Robbins coaching institute.


The Universe supported me in my mission to become a coach, a yoga teacher and an entrepreneur. Today, I coach clients from all over the world, run regular Nude Yoga workshops and operate a highly successful online shop selling Yoni Eggs and Pleasure Wands. I simply combined what I was most passionate about and made it my business!


Today, I love to inspire other women and men to end their limiting beliefs, take the leap into the unknown, trust their gut and make their dream relationship and life a reality!



“When I met Rosie over a year ago, I was incredibly lost in life. Since meeting Rosie, magical things have evolved in my life! I built the courage to start my own business, my relationships have flourished, I have never had more clarity and my negative self talk has dramatically reduced. It has been a slow process for me, but I have never looked back – it’s scary to think about where my life would be if I hadn’t of met Rosie. Thank you for everything angel. I really don’t know where I would be without you.” – Leah

1_1 Coachingwith Rosie-3

From our very first session, I felt like I was talking to an old friend. I opened up so easily and felt so comfortable with Rosie.”

“With Rosie’s help, I was able to break up with my partner, who I was soon to marry, and come out of the closet to my whole family.”

“Clarity is what I experienced in my time with Rosie. I finally got clear on what I wanted in my relationship and my life.”

“Our first session was so powerful. I let go of stuff I had been holding onto for years. I particularly loved her chord cutting process – that actually worked!”

“Rosie provided such a safe space for me to open up and express myself!”

“If it weren’t for our sessions, I would be stuck in a loveless, sexless marriage with someone I didn’t want to be with. Rosie helped me build up the courage to do what I had to do.”

“I felt inspired in her presence. I made changes. With her help I was able to make BIG change. I can’t thank her enough!”

“I learnt real, practical and super effective ways to love myself.”

“I stopped dating complete dickheads and started to respect myself and my boundaries.”


  • All my prices are in $AUD.
  • I am based in Perth, Western Australia AWST + 8 hours.
  • I offer a FREE 15 minute chat over the phone or on Skype. Please contact me here or click on the image below if you wish to proceed. Just put your name followed by “FREE 15” in the subject line of your email.
  • I tour twice a year with Nude Yoga, thus some sessions may need to be over the phone.
  • I only take on 5 clients a month, so contact me to book in!
Look forward to hearing from you!

Rosie x


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