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Wholesale + Affiliate


This is for women (or men) who would like to purchase the products at wholesale price and sell on their website/shop at their own retail price. This is if you PHYSICALLY want to stock the products and send off/sell yourself. This is a really good option if you have the ability to hold the stock or if you have workshops and want to show the products to your clients/students. Once you’re ready, we will require you to fill in the order form and take a photo (or scan) and send back to Rosie.

Questions to ask yourself: Are you willing to go to the post office to send the items? Are you happy to purchase sufficient bubble wrap (products are breakable) / wrapping paper to wrap products? Deal with customer queries around shipping delivery times? Have a beautiful presentation when you send off the product? We will send you brochures, velvet satchels and images for your website and recommend how to present the goods.


This is for women (or men) who already have an online presence and who don’t want to physically stock the product but would like to receive commission for selling or recommending Rosie Rees products to their tribe. We will give you a special link for you to refer your clients to (i.e. Any purchases that come through this URL, you will receive 30%! Simples. We will supply you images/promo tiles to put on your website, Instagram or Facebook. This is ideal if you have referred lots of friends to us and you want to reap the reward financially or if you would prefer not to stock the products. We do suggest you have some products in stock to showcase to your friends/followers and so you authentically know what you’re promoting.


In a nutshell: We have done all the ground work for you!

We have been operating for 3 years and have solid, reliable sources and suppliers from all over the world who we know and trust. Basically there is a lot of CRAP out there and we would rather you sell quality products to women and men! We have made all those mistakes before and learnt from them, so would love to help you NOT make the same mistakes we did when we first started out. All you have to do is order the products and you’re ready to go with marketing material, high quality images, beautiful products (trialled and tested) and an instant community of women. 


Choose if you want to physically buy the products wholesale or be set up as an affiliate online.

If you’re based in Perth, you’re welcome to book an appointment and collect the stock.

If you’re not in Western Australia we can schedule a Skype session or have a discussion over the phone to discuss the options and products.

When you send us an email we will respond with a product form for you to fill in and return.

Contact us here for more information.

Love Rosie and YPP team x

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