Regarded as a change-maker, trail-blazer and boundary-crosser; Rosie challenges societal norms and is leading the way in normalising nudity and female sexual pleasure.

Hi, I’m Rosie Rees. I am the founder of Women’s Nude Yoga and creator of Yoni Pleasure Palace, a leading online boutique selling crystal sex toys.

I am interested in radical self acceptance, feminine expression and being vulnerable, even if your voice trembles and your body shakes. I birthed my business from two things I love - being naked and feeling pleasure; a true hedonist at heart! I am my own guinea pig and only share what has personally worked for me.

Discovering the yoni egg in Bali in 2014 helped me to become more orgasmic, feel more connected to my Yoni and in-tune with my sexual expression. I wanted more women to experience a sexual awakening like I had.

Similarly, practicing nude yoga in my backyard in 2015 enabled me to be more confident and comfortable in my skin. I couldn’t help but want every woman to feel this way about themselves, particularly because 90% of women are considered to ‘hate their body’.

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And these two things go hand in hand. When we love & accept our bodies, we naturally become more sexually liberated. (Come and try it for yourself!)

However I haven't always been this way. I've scrubbed muffin trays, made Boost juices, served beers, sold lotto tickets, worked in fashion retail & recruited finance professionals. Having come a long way through addictions, climbing the corporate ladder, struggling with body image issues & escaping an abusive relationship, I feel honoured to share my life work with women who need it the most. Particularly because I have been through it all myself and made it through to the other side.

So let me guide you into a place of sensuality, liberation and body freedom! You can reach me through Relationship Coaching, Nude Yoga workshops, prolific Instagram stories and my upcoming Yoni Egg Course!

And remember: If not now, when? If not you, who?

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I work with women who are dedicated to learning a new way of conscious relating and who are committed to looking at their old patterns and stories that are limiting them from experiencing ease, joy and unconditional love in their intimate relationships. I help my clients heal and take massive action in the fields of:

Self intimacy and self pleasure

Becoming aware of old patterns that are not serving you

Tantric practices for self pleasure and relationships 

Becoming sensually radiant and magnetic using the Yoni Egg

Tools on how to be more self loving

Overcoming body image issues

Becoming more sexually expressive and empowered

Choosing how to be single & surrendering to being alone

Conscious un-coupling / ending a relationship with love and respect

Calling in a new partner & dating tips

Professional Bio

Rosie Rees is the founder of Women's Nude Yoga a three hour workshop guiding women into a beautiful state of self acceptance, courage and an appreciation for their naked body. Rosie is also a leading Relationship Coach and has helped thousands of women transform their relationship & intimacy with themselves and their partner. In 2014, Rosie created an online crystal sex toy boutique 'Yoni Pleasure Palace', sharing the power of Yoni Eggs for pelvic floor strength and Crystal Pleasure Wands to inspire women to become more sensually awake and empowered in their sexuality.

Rosie lives in Perth in Western Australia and travels the world sharing a modern, yogic twist on nudism and empowering women to take control of their sexuality and pelvic floor health.

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