Amethyst Yoni EggAmethyst Yoni Egg
Amethyst Yoni EggAmethyst Yoni Egg

Amethyst Yoni Egg


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This Gemstone cleanses your aura and transmute negative energy. It stimulates the Crown Chakra and awakens your third eye, psychic gifts, and intuition. It helps with reducing over indulgence, and addiction. Amethyst helps to increase focus and a higher state of awareness, and promotes emotional centering.

Learn a little more about the Amethyst Yoni Egg by checking out Rosie Rees’ YouTube video here!

Some other benefits:

  • Calming and meditative stone – a great companion for mindful meditation

  • Supports the pursuit of wisdom and spiritual growth

  • Healing stone for quieting the mind, relaxation and a restful sleep

  • Promotes peace, harmony and patience

  • Soothing stone for stress or anxiety

  • Helps when feeling emotions like grief, loss and pain.

  • Assists with lucid dreaming

  • Ensures optimal functioning of the pineal gland

  • Emotional stability and strength, especially in difficult situations

  • Especially great for shift workers, FIFO workers, people with jet lag or anyone who is having trouble sleeping.


  • Chevron Amethyst Yoni Egg – product of Brazil

  • Large size: 50mm x 35mm (85grams)

  • Medium Size: 45mm x 30mm (53 grams)

  • Small Size: 40mm x 25mm (36 grams)

  • Trio Kit – Set of three in our goddess box
  • The egg is available in drilled with string or non-drilled. A drilled egg has a hole at the top to tie through string to pull out.

  • Comes with gorgeous branded pouch for safe keeping

  • Discrete and private exterior packaging

  • Plastic free packaging. If we need to use bubble-wrap for any packaging it is recycled from local businesses or our suppliers.

  • Global shipping with tracking number

  • All prices in AUD

  • Same day or next day shipping


For your first yoni egg, we suggest a medium drilled yoni egg as it comes with a drilled hole at the top of the egg, which you can tie through string to remove the egg with ease (like you would a tampon). We recommend using our un-waxed, un-minted string as it is strong and hygienic. Make sure you change every time you use it.

To remove an un-drilled yoni egg simply squat down in the shower, insert a finger and scoop it out. The egg will also likely come out when you go to the bathroom so remember to catch it if it pops out and don’t flush the egg as it will be gone forever.


We recommend not using our products for diagnosing or treating any vaginal health problems. Always consult your healthcare professional if you have a serious medical condition or if you are pregnant. If your crystal arrives with imperfections, please contact us immediately for us to assess and resolve. If you drop or crack your yoni egg or it develops an imperfection, please cease  to use it internally. We thoroughly assess each individual crystal before we dispatch and we endeavour to always provide the highest quality and the promptest service.

Amethyst Yoni Egg

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Drilled with string, Non drilled


Large, Medium, Small, Trio – Set of three


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