Rosie Rees


Thanks to her devotion to challenging societal norms and championing the normalisation of female sexual pleasure and nudity, Rosie is regarded as a boundary-crosser, trailblazer, and change-maker.

Hi, I’m Rosie Rees. I founded Women's Nude Yoga and Yoni Pleasure Palace, a leading online boutique selling an extensive range of high-quality crystal sex toys.

I practice radical self-acceptance, vulnerability, and feminine expression and I encourage other women to tap into their innate feminine power and do the same. I birthed my business from two of the things I love most - being naked and feeling pleasure! I am my own guinea pig and enjoy sharing techniques, sex toys, and methods that have helped me tap into feminine power, acceptance, and pleasure.

One of my favourite discoveries is the yoni egg, which I found in Bali in 2004. After experiencing this radical sexual awakening, I wanted to help more women discover the same joy, inner power, and connection to themselves and their yoni. And more orgasms!

Along with discovering the yoni egg, practicing nude yoga in my yard beginning in 2015 helped me find a level of confidence and self-acceptance that I had never experienced before. Experiencing true self-love is a feeling that I absolutely had to help other women discover, particularly because 90% of women struggle with fully loving and accepting their bodies.

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Yoni eggs and nude yoga complement each other perfectly. Learning to love and accept our bodies naturally through nude yoga leads to an increase in sexual liberation and a willingness to explore and have fun with wonderful tools such as yoni eggs. I encourage you to try it for yourself and see how magical, life-changing, and beautiful this experience can be.

While it may seem I have always been connected to my body and naturally self-confident, I went through my own journey to get to where I am today. I have served beer, sold lotto tickets, recruited finance professionals, made Boost juices, scrubbed muffin trays, and more before discovering my true path and calling in life.

Having come a long way through my own body image issues, escaping an abusive relationship, climbing the corporate ladder, and tackling addiction, I empathize with women who are struggling to find their power, own their sexuality, and love themselves. It is my honour to share my life work and personal experiences with women who need it most, particularly because I have personally faced many of these issues myself and fought my way to the other side.

It would be my honour to help guide you into a place of self-love, liberation, body freedom, and sensuality. You can reach me through Relationship Coaching, Nude Yoga workshops, prolific Instagram stories, my facebook group, and my upcoming Yoni Egg Course!

And remember: If not now, when? If not you, who?