When NOT to Wear Your Yoni Egg

March 12, 2019
A common question we are asked in our private Facebook group is: “When is it NOT ok to wear my yoni egg?” To demystify this we will cover the three… READ MORE

10 Tips on Anal Play

February 12, 2019
Guest post by Sex Coach Extraordinaire, Lahnee Pavlovich (theeroticcoaches.com) Sex itself is a bit of a taboo subject, so I suppose the topic of anal sex would be… READ MORE

3 Ways To Choose your Crystal Yoni Egg

September 21, 2018
Every day I receive messages from women asking me which crystal yoni egg they should choose. Time and time again, I ask: “What do you intuitively feel?” And straight away they share… READ MORE

How to heal Pelvic Floor tension

April 14, 2018
I had a cuppa this week with a women’s pelvic floor physiotherapist who said that 90% of her clients are women who have an ‘over-active pelvic floor’. Yep, women are TOO… READ MORE