Copper Bracelet


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Why does copper turn your skin green?

So if copper is considered healing and has been used for so long in human history, why is it that people have learned to live with green skin? After all, wearing something like a copper bracelet or anything else that’s in close contact with the skin sometimes produces a greenish hue- which is kinda strange, right?

Actually, it’s totally normal.

Copper reacts naturally with our salty skin, which can be created whenever we sweat. This just means you have to be aware of when you might be working out or in the sun. But copper can also react to acidic environments- and your body acidity is related to your diet. Junk food, processed food, and lots of red meat will make your body acidic.

This can make copper jewelry a terrific way to gauge whether or not you need to change your diet or if you’re just on the cusp of coming down with something. It can be very useful!



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Copper and magnetic therapy has been used for years to help reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, and improve blood circulation to joints. It is also used to reduce stress & anxiety, improve sleep, and enhance overall well being.

Founder, Rosie Rees, discovered she had RSI in 2014 and has been struggling ever since – until she started using a magnetic copper bracelet!

Are you experiencing any of the following issues?

  • Joint Pain, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, tendonitis, repetitive strain injury (RSI)

  • Pain and inflammation in the knees, shoulders, arms, wrist or hands.

  • Poor circulation associated with diabetes; cold hands and feet.

  • Difficulty sleeping, anxiety, migraine headaches, fatigue, or stress

With the overwhelming amount of work now done on computers and smart phones, formerly unfamiliar motions to the body like clicking, typing, and scrolling, could bring a potentially debilitating condition to the hands called Repetitive Strain Injury, or RSI.

RSI comes from the overuse of the hands performing a repetitive task, resulting from awkward, prolonged, and sometimes forceful movements. These tiny movements, repeated day after day, can result in microscopic tears in the tendons, leading to inflammation and limited range of motion. Though it is similar in origin, it is not the same as carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis.

Product description:

Width: 7.6cm (adjustable)

Weight: 20gr

Choose between the engravings:

“I am Enough”

“I am Worthy”

Comes with a pouch for safe keeping.

Additional information

Weight .405 kg
Dimensions 23 × 15 × 1.5 cm

I am enough, I am worthy


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