Crystal Butt Plug




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A crystal butt plug is perfect for anal play as it has a flared base (safety first!) and a smooth tapered tip for gentle, easy insertion. The plug has a narrow neck, which means the anal muscles can relax around it and you can keep it inside you while you self pleasure or have penetrative sex.

The anus is a powerful pleasure portal in the human body, rich with thousands of nerve endings and sensory receptors, yet it’s often societally considered as ‘taboo’ and a place where we hold a lot of fear, shame and guilt. By releasing control, “letting your shit go” (literally) and un-tightening your anus sphincter muscles (especially if you’re a tightarse), it can help you become more orgasmic, sexually embodied and you may also notice fear, guilt and sexual shame dissipate in your life & relationships.

Anal penetration requires total surrender and vulnerability. We must fully release and relinquish any tightness, tension & control by allowing oneself to receive anally – either from ourselves or our lover. Anal pleasure is neither taboo, shameful or painful. In fact, it’s incredibly pleasurable and orgasmic, especially when explored with slowness, gentleness, curiosity and intention. Hot tip: GO SLOW AND USE LUBE!

The sleek bulbous head gives ultimate internal pleasure and sensation inside the anus, which for men can stimulate the prostate gland leading to exceptionally deep orgasms, and for women, can enhance internal orgasms and lead to anal orgasms.

Clean with warm water (not boiling hot) and non-toxic soap or apple cider vinegar. When travelling, wrap cloth around the neck and store in the pouch, as it’s precious and breakable.


  • 8.7 length x 3.7 width x 2 neck width – cms

  • 3.4 length x 1.45 width x 0.78 neck width – inches

  • 147 grams (Rose Quartz) – 132 grams (Black Obsidian)

*Each Butt Plug is a lovingly crafted work of art, which may be unique in colour, size, weight, natural impurities and crystalline inclusions and lines.


  • The Crystal Butt Plug is available in Rose Quartz or Black Obsidian comes with our gorgeous branded pouch for safe keeping.

  • Brochure with instructions


About Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is an incredibly healing, grounding and protective stone. If you have had a traumatic experience that needs clearing or you’re wanting to let go of negative energy, black obsidian is your wing woman!

About Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a pink crystal that represents self love, romance, compassion, gentleness and forgiveness. It is the stone of the Heart Chakra and is an amplifying stone!



The butt plugs are made of 100% natural Rose Quartz from Brazil and 100% natural Black Obsidian from Mexico. Crafted and polished into a phallic shape wand for ultimate pleasure.

The butt plug brings about a higher level of consciousness and vibration to your Yoni, sex life, but also to your own relationship to your body and self. It helps let go of the scripts we have of what sex should look like and allows us to trust our own pleasure-based instincts, guilt and shame FREE.

The butt plug is completely free of toxic BPAs and phthalates (unlike some plastic sex toys), which are known to play a factor in disrupting the endocrine system and may play a part in cancer and infertility.


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  • Eco packaging


We recommend not using our products for diagnosing or treating any health problems. Always consult your healthcare professional if you have a serious medical condition.

Additional information

Weight .215 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 8 cm

Black Obsidian, Rose Quartz


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