03. Amethyst and Rose Quartz03. Amethyst and Rose Quartz
04. Amethyst & Rose Quartz04. Amethyst & Rose Quartz

Glow Kit


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The Glow Kit comes with a Face Roller as well as one Gua Sha face scraper. Available in 2 options:

  • Rose Quartz face roller and guasha

  • Amethyst face roller and guasha

The face roller is used to roll over the face and neck to stimulate blood flow, boost collagen and detoxify. The Gua Sha plates are a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique used for vigorously scraping over your face and neck to stimulate blood flow, boost cell rejuvenation and relieve tension in sore muscles. We recommend this course to accompany your Glow Kit regime. Both tools can help improve firmness, elasticity, tone and overall skin health.

*Keep in the fridge, for extra cooling effect, reducing puffiness.

About the Face Roller:

Our gorgeous Rose Quartz/Rose Gold or Amethyst/Gold Face Rollers are designed to be used as a tool to promote circulation and encourage skin cell rejuvenation. This face roller will also work to stimulate the lymphatic system helping to combat puffiness and water retention on the face.

Face Roller Benefits:
+ Improve blood circulation and skin tone
+ Improve elasticity of the skin
+ Promote lymphatic drainage
+ Reduce puffiness and wrinkles
+ Reduce dark under eye circles
+ Eliminate toxins
+ Tighten and reduce pore size

ROSE QUARTZ helps to lower stress and tension in the heart. It clears out anger, jealousy, and resentment of others, and allows healing of heart issues and dis-ease associated with holding on to such negative emotions. Known as a romance stone, Rose Quartz can be used to attract love.

AMETHYST is a magnetising, purple crystal, which helps with calming the nervous system, quietening the mind, and promoting a restful sleep. The word Amethystos means “not drunk” in Ancient Greek. They believed you could drink all night and remain sober if you had an amethyst in your pocket, so it’s known to help with addictions.


For extra healing, relaxation and inflammation reduction, place the stone in the refrigerator or on ice. The stone is naturally cold, but this extra temperature drop will aid in your efforts to increase circulation, drain congested lymph nodes, rid the body of toxins/waste, stimulate collagen production, help with sinus issues and balance chi.

About Gua Sha plates:

Want to reduce puffiness and have facial skin that radiates and glows? Try just one minute of Gua Sha facial massage a day…

Gua Sha is one of the oldest practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine and helps to flush out toxins and treat congestion of the blood by vigorously rubbing on the skin to increase blood flow, helping to break down hardness in the facial muscles. In essence, Gua Sha stimulates the lymphatic system and works on the external body to heal an internal imbalance, making your glow from within!

The Gua Sha tool has a smooth edge and is firmly scraped against the oiled skin, along the meridian pathways.

This process produces “Sha”, a distinctive reddening of the skin, which is a release of heat and inflammation, dampness and pain from the deeper levels of the body.


Cleanse your face in the shower (morning or night). Apply your face cream or serum and gently glide across the skin making sure to keep the tool flat against the face. Do this repeatedly for about one minute until the face is blushing red. If you want to find out more, head to YouTube for some inspiration!

Additional information

Weight .75 kg
Dimensions 22 × 16 × 8 cm

Rose Quartz, Amethyst


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