Understanding the power of your menstrual cycle

November 19, 2015

Guest post by Nadine Lee. Much like all aspects that offer us empowerment, societal conditioning has created a culture of taboo & shame; a woman’s menstrual cycle is one of those. Look at how many women see their menstrual cycle as a ‘burden’. In a… READ MORE


How to Escape an Abusive Relationship

November 12, 2015

If you’ve found yourself in an toxic or abusive relationship, which is not serving either of your highest good, it’s time to cut chords – physically and emotionally. If you didn’t get a chance to read my previous article on determining whether you’re in an… READ MORE


My birthday suit yoga shoot.

August 6, 2015

They say you teach what you need to learn most. By teaching Nude Yoga I learnt how to accept myself more, love myself better, be vulnerable more often and step out of my comfort zone to grow. And I am constantly honoured and humbled to… READ MORE


Couples Nude Yoga Interview

July 7, 2015

Being a Relationship Coach and a Yoga Instructor, it would be ludicrous for me not to teach Couples Yoga! Right? And why not teach the class in the nude? The experience is magnified – by a thousand – and brings the couples into a closer connection with… READ MORE


Love Sex Desire Podcast with Rosie + Susana

April 3, 2015

I met Susana Frioni back in 2013 when I was in a less-than-healthy space. At the time I was in an office job I resented, I was still binge drinking myself to an oblivion on the weekends as a coping mechanism, smoking cigarettes regularly to… READ MORE

TARA_C (110 of 150)

Tara Bliss: Sexy with Soul

February 18, 2015

What makes Tara Bliss so damn sexy is her conversation. Her chat is awesome (just read this interview and you will see what I mean!) but so is her soul mission.  Bliss is a coach, author and fellow Kundalini Yoga Teacher (with swagger) and is deeply… READ MORE


The Sexy Series with Christal Fuentes

January 26, 2015

Christal is a Las Vegas-dwelling entrepreneur, who runs a successful coaching business for women called  ‘The Ladies Coach‘. Christal’s videos and musings are not only ridiculously empowering and educational they are also hilarious, sassy and super-creative productions. I discovered Christal through being a mutual Tony Robbins groupie… READ MORE


The Sexy Series with Elise Carr

December 28, 2014

Simply just visiting her website (www.stellamuse.com) fills you with an unwavering heightened sense of empowerment, strength and femininity (go on…do it!). Elise Carr is the woman behind Stella Muse. Other than embodying the Stella Warrior Woman in the flesh she is a writer, holistic coach, proud feminist and… READ MORE


Sexy Series :: Susana Frioni

October 31, 2014

This week I interviewed the spunky, embodied whole-lotta-woman Susana Frioni. In between being a ‘Deep Coach’, interviewing inspirational beings & running weekly podcasts, blogging, speaking gigs, being a mama and teaching the occasional yoga class, Susana facilitates monthly Love Sex Desire (LSD) Sacred Dance Parties… READ MORE


hump day with isiah from passionate spirit

May 28, 2013

Isiah is a Certified Somatic Sex Therapist and studied at the Institute for the Advanced Studies of Human Sexuality in the USA. By using both talk therapy and experiential learning, Somatic Sex Therapy is a holistic therapy that helps people who may be experiencing problems… READ MORE


hump day with sexologist Dr Nikki Goldstein

April 2, 2013

Today’s Hump Day interview is with the smart, sexy and talented Dr Nikki Goldstein – Australia’s leading Sexologist and Relationship Expert. R: Whenever I tell someone I want to be a Sex Therapist, I always get the same dumbfounded look of confusion and intrigue. How… READ MORE


hump day with melissa ambrosini.

December 18, 2012

Melissa Ambrosini is a holistic health and life coach, a host of Healthtalks TV, writer and a blogger for Path to Wellness (awarded Top Women’s Empowerment Blog for 2012, by the Psychology of Eating)…not to mention a model/actress/dancer! Having come through her own journey of… READ MORE