Learn how to

and become radiantly confident and at home in your skin.

Are you fed up with hating your body and battling daily body image issues?

Are you tired of comparing yourself to other women on Instagram and not feeling like you are good enough?

Do you suck in all the time and hate looking in the mirror?

Early Bird Sale ends soon!

$297 Early Bird Sale before 14th February*.

The media has conditioned us to believe that "beauty" only looks a certain way and that we need to continually strive to be better, skinnier, richer, sexier, smarter etc.

This addiction to striving has created the 'not-good-enough' syndrome.

However it's time this out-dated belief system (that is undeniably responsible for women's body image issues, body dysmorphia and disordered eating) is put to rest.

It's time we collectively reclaim our power by learning to embrace, love and accept our naked bodies not only to have a better quality of life but also to pave the way for our future generations, particularly our daughters.

Nude Yoga

How can we possibly fully love others if we are unable to love ourselves whole-heartedly?

By accepting our naked bodies, we are demonstrating to others how they are to treat our bodies. The decision to welcome all parts of ourselves creates healthy boundaries and enhances our sense of worthiness. Tenfold!

If you have attended one of Rosie's Nude Yoga workshops, you would have experienced first hand body acceptance, self love, liberation, freedom and pure feminine power at its rawest and finest!

If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend Rosie’s workshop - you now will in her FIRST Womxn’s Nude Yoga Online Course, which you can attend in the comfort of your own lounge room!


When / Live dates

These are the dates for our live nude yoga sessions on Zoom, which will take place Wednesday 6pm AWST. Recordings will be uploaded to the portal each week, in case you miss it.

3rd March, 2021

10th March, 2021

17th March, 2021

30th March, 2021

Each week you have an opportunity to learn to accept, love and embrace a part of your body, where you hold limiting beliefs and stories.

Weekly Themes


Magnetic Breasts Reconnection

In week one, Rosie will guide you through a yoga session dedicated to getting to know our breasts intimately and filling our them up with love, gratitude and devotion. We will discuss your relationship with giving and receiving and if you have any blocks to receiving pleasure, love, compliments, money etc.


Embracing Your Belly

In week two, Rosie will guide you through a live nude yoga session dedicated to embracing our belly. By bringing it awareness, touch and adoration, we will learn how to keep the belly supple, yet strong, and to stop sucking it in unconsciously or unintentionally.


Yoni Awakening

In week three, Rosie will take you through a nude yoga session dedicated to the Yoni by incorporating in gentle pelvic floor practices, womb focussed postures and activating hip openers. These movements may bring up pain or pleasure, which we can transmute together in the safe space.


Throat & Expression

In week four, we will open the throat chakra through empowering Kundalini Yoga inspired spinal movements designed to open up your channel. We will sing mantra and make sounds to activate our vagus nerve. The focus this week will be on building confidence, self-esteem, expression and unshakable worthiness as your new base-line.

Juicy Benefits

Here are the JUICY benefits you will receive from taking this online course!

Feel a deeper sense of love and connection with your feminine body

Become more comfortable in naked body, which helps you become more confident in your clothed body too!

Improve inner confidence and self esteem ten fold!

Embrace your breasts, yoni and belly - just the way they are!

Heal deep layers of body image issues that have plagued you for years

Overcome feelings of shame and insecurity that keep you hidden, blocks or small

Feel more wild and alive from powerful nude breathing practices

Experience more sexual confidence with yourself, which will ripple into the bedroom with your partner

Experience how to feels to live a more nudist/naturist lifestyle

So, if you want to...

Heal body image issues and limiting beliefs about your body

Overcome guilt and shame that keeps you blocked

Learn to love and embrace the body you have been gifted in this lifetime

Stop sucking it in and embrace your belly

Feel more connected to your vulva & breasts

Learn empowering yoga sequences to do naked at home

Practice meditation to help with calming the mind and body

And you are someone who...

is a folk who identifies as female

has a vulva or vagina

is ready to take their self development to the next level

I welcome all parts of you into this online course!!

What's included?

4 x Weekly Live Zoom Yoga Sessions (naked, of course) on a Wednesday evening at 6pm AWST. The recording will be sent out each week (45 minutes)

Weekly pre-recorded tutorial on theme (15 minutes)

Weekly pre-recorded meditation (5 - 10 minutes)

Optional homework exercises

Private Facebook Group for connection

Early Bird Sale Ends Soon!

$297 Early Bird Sale before 14th February.

*Standard price of $397 after Early Bird Sale

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