Orgasm + Pleasure Wand E-Guide


If you feel a little overwhelmed by all the choice of crystal and glass dildos available on our online shop, we have listened to your many requests for help choosing!

We have written a comprehensive 19 page e-guide which will help you a) choose your pleasure wand and b) learn more about the types of internal orgasms that are available for you to have.

The e-book covers the following:

  • In-depth information about G-spot orgasms, Cervical orgasms, Vaginal De-armouring and Anal stimulation

  • Four hot tips to help you reach these internal orgasms

  • A product guide & suggestions on what pleasure wands target which internal erogenous spots

  • The history of the stone dildo

  • Benefits of switching to crystal or glass dildos

  • A vaginal map graphic of the internal spots (so you know where they are inside you)

  • Crystal property guide so you can intuitively choose what stone is best for you

  • Our story on creating Yoni Pleasure Palace.


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Immerse yourself in a divine 19 minute visual meditation for deep, womb healing. Follow Rosie’s calming voice and ethereal music to:

  • Clear physical or emotional pain from your womb
  • Release and let go of trauma (sexual, emotional or birth trauma)
  • Heal your sexual blockages
  • Forgiveness to anyone or anything that has abused this space without consent or permission
  • Visual healing to rejuvenate the uterus
  • Ignite more feeling and sensation in the womb/yoni
  • Let go of previous partners or ex lovers
  • Re-create your womb as a sacred space
  • Hear and listen to your womb wisdom

Rosie recommends listening to this meditation every night for 7 days to fully integrate the womb healing.

Ask any question in Rosie’s online private Facebook group for women only. Join here today!




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