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Pelvic De-Armouring Kit for Self Yoni Massage



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What’s Included:

  • 1 x Cervix Serpent Wand – Made of 100% body-safe pyrex glass
  • 1 x Small Nephrite Jade Egg 25mm x 30mm – drilled
  • 1 x Lila Wand – pure Brazilian Black Obsidian
  • 1 x Yoni Steam – Made of 100% organic Australian herbal botanics
  • 1 x Yoni Elixir Oil – Organic massage oil for breasts and yoni.

Do you have pelvic pain?

Many women experience pelvic pain in the form of vaginal tightness, pelvic floor tension, urinary incontinence, muscle spasms, or aching, itching or burning sensations – particularly during sex.

For some women this may be diagnosed as Vulvadynia (i.e. ‘chronic pussy pain) or Vaginismus (extreme vaginal tightness). For other women it’s simply an over-active pelvic floor which leads to painful sex, a weak bladder and internal tension or tightness, making it hard to have intercourse and even insert a tampon or menstrual cup.

About this Package

If this is you, we hear you. Everything in this package will assist you on your pelvic healing journey. We have listened to the demand by SO many women and created something special for you to help you:

  • Release pain, numbness and tension
  • Soften and de-armour the Cervix
  • Massage tension stored in the vaginal walls
  • Crystal healing for the Yoni using Black Obsidian and Nephrite Jade
  • Open the Heart using organic sensual massage oil

The Cervix Serpent wand is a massage tool to help you reach the cervix and thus de-armour the cervix. It’s 30cm long and effectively curved to access those deep, hard-to-reach spaces inside the vagina. We suggest pressing the bulbous end against the cervix for 3 minutes whilst breathing and sounding. It also helps with G-Spot activation.

The Lila Wand is our most petite wand and helpful for targeting local pain, tension or numbness. It’s virtually the length of a pen and has tapered ends, so you can press onto spaces internally with accuracy.

The Yoni Steam may assist with cleansing the yoni, reducing menstrual pain, detoxification, yeast infections, helping with irregular periods, infertility, fibroids, ovarian cysts, healing from surgical scarring, endometriosis, trauma release and much much more.

The small Yoni Egg is an ideal size for women with vaginal tightness. If a Yoni Egg is too big, it may cause pain upon insertion, so a small egg is ideal for women suffering with vaginosis or vulvadynia. It’s less intrusive and easy to insert and remove with the string, and lubricant.

Yoni Elixir massage oil is a beautiful heart-opening sensual oil to assist with breast and yoni massage. If you want to heal your Yoni (your vagina/vulva), it’s important that we also work with the Heart, and thus the breasts. By de-armouring our breasts with breast & nipple massage, our Yoni will naturally begin to open. In Tantra, our Heart is a “positive” pole” and when we activate this space, our Yoni, which is our “negative pole” will begin to open, heal and feel safe.

Additional information

Weight.735 kg
Dimensions31 x 23 x 11 cm


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