The Pink Medusa



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The perfect pink glass companion with two fabulous functions:

  1. The hooked bulbous end provides the ideal curved angle to help engorge the G-spot erectile tissue to allow for squirting to occur. *Simply pull the wand in and out of the entrance (not all the way in the vagina – just about an inch or so) rubbing against the G-spot ridges*
  2. The three tiered bulbous end is an inviting and gentle way of exploring anal play in a gradual manner, easing the anal sphincter over one ridge at a time. *Use lots of lube during anal play! There is a waterfall of orgasmic tissue in the anus*

Glass toys are non-porous, hygienic, temperature responsive (warm it up or cool it down in the freezer) and perfect to use with any lubricant.

Comes in Goddess Box with velvet pouch.


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