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1:1 Session Coaching

$ 200.00




Rosie specialises in Relationship Coaching for people who are ready to be vulnerable, shed the layers and get deep to their core truth.

Her coaching aims to empower, enrich and strengthen your relationship with yourself, and re-creates (or attract) a conscious and loving relationship with your partner.

Rosie’s coaching begins with establishing the relationship with the SELF (physical, emotional and spiritual) as this is the only aspect one has power to change. Her coaching techniques are established from her training with Tony Robbins in Strategic Intervention and Marriage/Divorce Prevention, as well as her life experience in relationships, singledom, sex, orgasm, Tantra, Kundalini Yoga, Hatha Yoga, healing and meditation.



Rosie holds her sessions from her home practice in Fremantle, Perth or on Skype.

Each session is completely unique and tailored to Rosie’s clients needs. A typical session with Rosie can often include:

  • Open and honest communication and talk therapy/coaching
  • Guided meditations and visualisations
  • Kundalini-tantra bodywork
  • Yoga postures for physical and emotional healing
  • Energetic chord cutting ceremonies
  • Shadow work
  • Core wounds
  • Masculine / feminine polarities



  • Self love and self worth – reconnecting with the self
  • Self confidence, body image and esteem issues
  • Transition / business coaching
  • Sexuality and sublimation – channeling sexual energy
  • The principle of polarity (femininity and masculinity – yin & yang)
  • Different forms of female orgasms (tantric orgasm, implosive vs explosive orgasm)
  • Pelvic floor exercises and yoni egg education
  • Communication problems / blocks
  • Constant triggers and fighting
  • Jealousy / judgement issues
  • Overcoming addictive behaviours that don’t serve the individual or the relationship
  • Releasing past partners (chord cutting)
  • Understanding masculine / feminine energies, functions and balances and how that affects individuals and relationships



We will discuss your current relationship dynamic with yourself and your partner, as well as previous relationships that have created and impacted you (yes, our first relationship or sexual experience can often mould us and influence many decisions we make later on in life). We will look into and heal old patterns, habits & woundings that no longer serve you and cut negative energetic chords with people and/or events in your life. This will be achieved through coaching, guided meditations or energetic body work.

In our sessions we will discuss your current relationship with sex, sexuality, intimacy, orgasm and self pleasure. If there is any guilt and shame around these aspects, we will discuss and work through those limitations, creating more acceptance and freedom in these intimate areas.

Rosie educates her clients about Kundalini Yoga and Tantric practises, whereby one’s sexual ‘creative life-force’ energy can be channeled upwards from the base to purify Chakras and clear out energetic blockages in the body, which arise as physical ailments such as pain, aches, stress, tension, tumours or cancer.

Simple techniques such as soul gazing (eye contact), yogic movements, meditation and breathing techniques are taught throughout the coaching session. Rosie will give advice around sexual positions and techniques, however does not physically touch or show these techniques.

By learning different breathing techniques, meditations and physical positions to use with your partner you will build your relationship connection and intimacy tremendously.



Rosie has helped hundreds of women and men all over the world feel more empowered on their journey as a single woman or man.

When it comes to being single, so many things come up around self worth, being loveable and feeling alone. Here are some common topics that arise in our sessions:

  • Connecting with your soul, higher self and divine purpose
  • Self love practices
  • Self care practices
  • Working through body image issues
  • Becoming more comfortable with sex and intimacy
  • Forgiving yourself from shame, guilt, abuse and regret
  • Self Pleasure rituals and tools, including the Jade Egg and Pleasure Wand
  • Starting your own business or blog from home
  • Communicating from love and your authentic truth
  • Dealing with relationship with family members and parents
  • Advice on how to break up with someone
  • How to deal with loneliness when single
  • Learn how to attract and manifest an amazing conscious partner

Be ready to be EMPOWERED and LOVE every moment of your single journey – whether you are feeling up or down!

Feeling lonely is a huge human fear, yet once the feeling is accepted and embraced, you can surrender to what is and actually enjoy the process of being a single woman or man. Note there is also a big difference between being alone and being lonely. Being single is a fantastic time to CREATE! Create the life you dream of, work on yourself, focus on your body and health, start your business, travel, explore, have fun, go out, stay in and work hard to create your vision. Being single is what you make it, so come as you are and we will go from there.

Rosie helps you POWERFULLY CHOOSE to be single or in a relationship. You can choose not to be a victim to being single, and you can choose to be in a relationship or not. You are FREE.



TIME FRAME:   90 minute session

MODALITY:   Skype, phone or in person (based in Perth, Western Australia).

FREE 15 MINUTE CONSULT:   To discuss more, arrange your free 15 minute chat on the phone with Rosie by emailing her here


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