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Red Jasper Yoni Egg – Calming, courage & passion

$ 60.00



  • 1 x medium sized Red Jasper Yoni Egg (30mm x 45mm)
  • Available in drilled or non-drilled – please specify in comments box before check-out
  • Velvet satchel for safe keeping
  • Detailed instructions
  • Access to Rosie’s private, closed Facebook group – please add yourself: Yoni Pleasure Palace
  • Shipping from Perth, Western Australia
  • Yoni egg is sourced from North Western Australia

About Red Jasper

Red Jasper is known as the stone of vibrancy and endurance and helps to stimulate of chi, or Life Force energy by bringing physical strength and energy, stamina, focus and determination.

  • Calms the emotional body creating a lasting, stable energy for improving health or overcoming illness
  • Alleviates stress and soothes nervous system
  • A grounding stone which, brings focus to help set goals and follow them through to completion.
  • Gives courage to face unpleasant tasks and to rectify wrongs.
  • Stone of protection – both physically and spiritually.
  • Balances Base Chakra and stimulates rise of Kundalini energy though the chakras
  • Cleanses and strengthens auric field and eliminates negativity.
  • Stone of passion and is useful for restoring and rejuvenating libido
  • Stimulates creative ideas, helping to manifest them into reality.
  • May assist women in overcoming jealousy or rivalry with other women.
  • Helps promote vivid dream recall and helpful for astral travel.
  • Powerful for those who work with Earth energies & spirits, ley lines and sacred sites.
  • Helps to clear mind during mediation, prayer or contemplation.
  • Extra support for people in jobs requiring physical strength and stamina or anyone needing to be at a computer for long lengths of time.



Firstly, let me clarify what a Yoni is. Yoni, in the Indian Sanskrit language, means “Sacred Temple” and refers to a woman’s vagina. In my humble opinion, this is a far more beautiful word to use compared to vagina, which literally means “sheath for a mans sword”.

A yoni egg is an egg-shaped stone or crystal used to insert inside the yoni to strengthen and tone the entire pelvic region – the pelvic floor muscles, the lower abdomen, the urogenital diaphragms and even the lower back.

It works as a weight resistance tool to use whilst doing your “Kegel exercises”, which are pelvic floor pulses or contractions all women should do, especially after childbirth. There is plenty of research now to suggest that it’s best to use a weight for doing your Kegels, rather than squeezing the walls of the vagina together with no weight resistance at all.


Yoni eggs have a plethora of benefits for women’s health, wellbeing, sexuality and vitality. Here are some leading benefits to using the eggs on a regular basis:

  • Increases connection with the Yoni
  • Increases sensation and revitalises nerve-endings in the vagina
  • Improves overall life-force energy or “chi” in the body
  • Boosts sexual energy levels and awakens the libido
  • Helps train the vagina for childbirth and recover the muscles post-childbirth
  • Increases wetness and lubrication
  • Helps to prevent prolapse whereby the pelvic organs collapse into the vagina due to atrophy and non-use.
  • Relieves incontinence (weak bladder/accidentally peeing)
  • Balances hormones by increasing blood flow to the area, which contribute to youthfulness
  • Heightens orgasmic potential and able to access a variety of orgasms
  • Helps to stay grounded in body and brings awareness to the yoni, womb and entire pelvic band

How to care for your egg

  • Store your egg in a sacred space in your bedroom or on your alter (not in the bathroom cupboard!)
  • Regularly energetically cleanse your egg under the Full Moon, in the ocean (or salt crystals or water), using white sage, leaving in the sunshine for an hour, bury in the earth etc.
  • Please do not use boiling hot water on this egg as it may crack under the heat – warm soapy water is fine to clean/wash. You may also use vinegar or an essential oil in the water to wash your egg.
  • Use during a sacred time, such as yoga or meditation. It’s also nice to sleep with the yoni egg inside you.
  • String your egg with hemp string or dental floss (ideally non-waxed and not minted). Change it regularly. About 40cm is usually enough.
  • Wash your egg before and after use and blow through the drilled hole so it remains clean and hygienic.
  • Do not insert your egg if it’s hot – wait for it to cool down before inserting it.
  • Set your intention into the egg before each use.
  • Do not use if you’re menstruating
  • Consult your GP before using when pregnant. If you have used a yoni egg prior to falling pregnant, usually this is OK, however if it’s a new practice it is best not to start whilst pregnant.
  • Be cautious if you are using a yoni egg with an IUD. It’s widely suggested not to use a yoni egg with an IUD as you could dislodge it.
  • As it is a precious crystal, be careful not to drop the egg as they may break.



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