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Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs – SET OF THREE

$ 111.00




  • 3 x drilled Rose Quartz eggs measuring: large 45 x 35 mm, medium 35 x 25 mm and small 30 x 20 mm. Also availed in non-drilled (please request in comments box at checkout) 
  • A beautiful silk lined black box to store the eggs & black velvet satchel for safe keeping
  • Detailed instructions in brochure
  • Access to Rosie’s private Facebook Group Yoni Pleasure Palace
  • Discrete packaging 
  • Ships globally from Perth, Western Australia 

In this beautiful set of three we recommend you begin using the larger size crystal first as it is easier for your pelvic floor muscles to hold onto (less pelvic floor control needed to contract). If you find the egg too big or too heavy, simply start with the medium size yoni egg. Only advanced to using the smallest egg when you feel confident (more pelvic floor control is needed to hold onto the egg). 


There are many benefits of using Rose Quartz! Here are some to name a few:

  • Strengthens the physical heart and circulatory system and releases impurities from body fluids.
  • When placed on the thymus, Rose Quartz aids chest and lung problems.
  • Heals the kidneys and adrenals and alleviates vertigo.
  • Increases fertility.
  • Soothes burns and blistering and soothes the complexion.
  • Helpful in Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and senile dementia.
  • Strengthens empathy and sensitivity and aids the acceptance of necessary change.
  • It is an excellent stone for mid-life crisis.
  • Enhances positive affirmations and reminds you of your intention.
  • Promotes receptivity to beauty of all kinds.
  • Releases unexpected emotions and heartache and transmutes emotional conditioning that no longer serves, it soothes internalized pain and heals deprivation.
  • Opens your heart so that you become receptive.
  • If you have loved and lost, it comforts your grief.
  • Teaches you how to love yourself (vital if you have thought yourself unlovable, as you cannot accept love from others nor love them unless you love yourself).
  • Encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance.
  • Invokes self-trust and self-worth.



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