Yoni Massage Online Course

1. Yoni Massage Online Course for Women
- with Mariah Freya

Discover the simple, step-by-step process of how to receive and give a Tantric Yoni Massage and unlock the doors to pleasure you’ve never felt before.

2. Lingam Massage Online Course for Men
- With Mariah Freya

What if your skilled strokes send waves of pleasure through his body as he has yet another soul-shaking orgasm? Now you can master the sacred art of the Penis (Lingam) Massage & spice up your sex life, even if you’ve never tried Tantra before.

Yoni & Lingam Massage for Couples

3. Yoni & Lingam Massage for Couples - Mariah Freya

Learn how to give and receive ecstatic pleasure & revolutionize your sex life with the art of Tantric Massage. Master the techniques of Tantric Penis & Vagina massage with this step-by-step video course.

4. Yoni Club - with Bonnie Bliss

A guided and supported 3 month adventure to discover the wisdom of your body, make friends with your pelvic space, create solid self care rituals and access epic pleasure.

Use the code ROSIE at checkout.

Awaken Female Pleasure

5. Awaken Female Pleasure - With Eyal Matsliah (for Men and Women)

In this course, Eyal offers over 8 hours of video content and step-by-step instructions on how to:

  • Turn a simple hug into a sensual and orgasmic experience
  • Know for sure EXACTLY how she likes it
  • The five kinds of touch (aka ‘don’t be boring’)
  • Give her a sensual whole-body massage, even if you’ve never gave one before
  • Breast massage
  • Give her an internal and external yoni (vaginal) massage
  • Help her experience a g-spot orgasm
  • Bring her to energy orgasms, whole body orgasms, and more
  • Keep her in an orgasm for 10 minutes – or longer (even AN HOUR! )
  • Female ejaculation – without forcing it or hurting her
  • Make her orgasm without penetrating her
  • Help to attract or manifest a new relationship – dating tips!
  • Make her orgasm even if you have PE or ED or a small penis.
Yoni Egg Course

6. Yoni Egg Course

This is Rosie Rees's #1 selling online course! Learn how to use your Yoni Egg with over 8 hours of educational video content and ten practical yoni egg exercises to try in the comfort of your own home.

Sacred Sexuality Online Course

7. Sacred Sexuality Online Course

This powerful online course drip feeds you juicy content on Sacred Sexuality over 8 weeks with studio-video teachings, guided audio practices, somatic meditations, daily practices and an all-encompassing 130 page course manual with everything you need to know. Chantelle reveals how bringing awareness to any unhealthy and/or limiting beliefs and/or patterns can have an influence on your relationship to sexuality. More than any other energy in life, sexual energy carries the power for healing, love and spiritual awakening. Chantelle gives you the tools and practices to help shed any existing fear, guilt and shame so you can awaken to an open, loving acceptance of your sexual nature, desires and passion that is your birth right.

Relationship Tantra Online Course

8. Relationship Tantra Online Course

Whether you are in a relationship or wanting to be in one, this course will teach you how to navigate the realm of relationships so they become your greatest teacher, not through separation or conflict, but rather through self-responsibility, self-love, opening to pleasure and knowing your worth.

9. Ignite Your Power Online Course

During this course, Chantelle will guide you through Shadow Work to access your deepest vulnerability and humanness; from reflecting on states of victim-hood, exploring the different ‘voices’ that live inside your psyche, seeing where you control your life rather than live your life, shedding those masks you hide behind, and getting real with where you project/make others responsible for your own suffering and therefore happiness. By doing so you will learn how to access the most valuable jewel of deep transformation that resides within the darkest of energies within your own being. By the end of these 8 weeks, you will learn to integrate your shadows into power so that instead of your unconscious leading your life, you become the conscious creator of the life you have always wanted to live.

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