The Crescent


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The Crescent is the perfect tool for gentle vaginal de-armouring, releasing pelvic tension and also G-spot pleasure!

It has one larger end and one smaller end, meaning you can choose which size you wish to massage internally. We recommend starting with the smaller bulbous tip and working your way up to the larger end when you feel more aroused and open.

Many women struggle with chronic pelvic tension, otherwise known as vulvodynia or vaginismus, because of things such as trauma, childbirth, stress, surgery, sucking your tummy in and other psycho-somatic related experiences that store physical tension inside the vaginal walls and cervix.

Massaging or self pleasuring using The Crescent will help massage out knots of tension and spots of pain or numbness. We recommend using with your favourite coconut oil or our brand of lubricant ‘YES’ – available in oil based or water based.

If de-armouring isn’t your thing, The Crescent is also a fun double-ended dildo, which can assist G-spot pleasure and help you to squirt!

Made of pure borosilicate glass, The Crescent is free from imperfection and is completely non-porous. It’s also hygienic and easy to clean.

Measurements: 18.5cm long x 2.8cm (smaller end) x 3.5cm (bigger end).

Comes with a beautiful satin lined velvet pouch for safe keeping.



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