The Golden Vagina KitThe Golden Vagina Kit
The Golden Vagina KitThe Golden Vagina Kit

The Golden Vagina Kit


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Treat your vagina to the very best! This luxurious kit includes a deluxe Rose Quartz curved pleasure wand, a set of gold kegel balls to tone your pelvic floor and ‘Yoni Elixir’, Australis’s most exquisite, organic personal lubricant and breast massage oil.

By using our advanced golden stainless steel Ben Wa balls regularly, you will begin to feel more internal pleasure during arousal whilst also tone the pelvic floor. Start by inserting one ball at a time and notice how it feels. If you can hold in the small ball for 5 minutes, go ahead and add in the second ball and keep them inside for 30 minutes throughout the day, doing your 30 kegels, three times in the 30 minutes.

Enjoy using the Rose Quartz Curve during self pleasure or partner play. Warm up in warm water and add Yoni Elixir oil to enjoy a smooth, sleek, sensual experience.

What’s included:

  • A Rose Quartz Curve pleasure wand

  • 1 x Yoni Elixir personal lubricant and self massage oil

  • 2 x Ben Wa kegel balls (22 grams each)

  • Hemp pouch for keeping your crystals safe

  • All packaged in eco-wrap and brown paper.

  • Comes with a black Goddess Box for safe keeping

Advanced Ben Wa balls

Since the balls are so small and quite heavy, they are classified as ‘advanced’ because it can take a little more engagement and concentration to keep them both inside the vagina. Hot tip: wear underwear to prevent them falling on the floor and don’t feel embarrassed if they do fall out. Continue to use them at least 3 times a week for 30 minutes a day to notice a real change! 

Rose Quartz curve 

This wand has a curved shape to follow the vagina’s natural curve and a unique bulbous tip for cervical and g-spot stimulation. This shape and size has been proven to help women access more sensation in both their G-Spot and their cervix – unlocking deeper, vaginal orgasms.

Yoni Elixir

Yoni Elixir is a decadent self-love oil with all natural and organic ingredients designed to Nurture, Heal and Protect your Yoni.

Use Yoni Elixir to enhance your yoni massage, your self-love practises, breast massage, your tantric work, sacred yoni egg practise, your womb and goddess work and your sacred, intimate moments. Use it to honour yourself daily with short practise, as well as during your longer rituals.

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 31 × 23 × 10 cm

Non Drilled, Drilled with string


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