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Spread the #YoniLove and make money while you do it!

Yoni Eggs and Pleasure Wands are being used by women and men all over the world to assist with their sexual awakening journey, pelvic floor health and orgasmic potential.

If you're interested in sharing our products with your friends, family, co-workers or Insta tribe, we have two options:

Affiliate 1
Affiliate 2
Affiliate 3

1. Affiliate:

This is a our most popular option! If you want to share our products online and receive commissions for every converted sale. You don’t need to physically stock our products, simply create an affiliate account and start sharing your special link to gain 20% in commissions.

To create your affiliate account, click here or copy and paste this link into your web browser: https://yonipleasurepalace.tapfiliate.com/programs/yoni-pleasure-palace/signup/

***Hot Tip*** This system automatically chooses your first and last name to be at the end of the affiliate link. Once this is created, you cannot change it. If you would prefer your affiliate link to have your business name details instead of your personal details, enter the First Name and Second Name as what you want to be at the end of your link. For example if your business name is “Yoniverse”. The first name would be “Yoni”, and the second name would be “Verse”.

Once you have signed up, go to the “Assets” tab on the left, under the tabs “Dashboard” and “Reporting”. Here in Assets you will have a link similar to this: https://www.yonipleasurepalace.com/?ref=rosieking1

This is the special link you share in your Instagram bio or to swipe up link on your Instagram story. You can also share this link on Facebook, newsletter campaigns, DMs to friends etc.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not offer a personalized discount code. In order to log commissions you must share the affiliate link and have a client, friend, family member etc purchase directly through that link.

Log in here to access your link and data here or copy and paste this link into your web browser: https://yonipleasurepalace.tapfiliate.com/dashboard/

All you need is a PayPal account so we can pay your commissions once a month.

Store your special link in the notes section of your phone and lap top so you can easily copy and paste whenever you need to.

Linking Specific Products

Linking specific products is known as “Deep Linking”.

You can link to specific products, landing pages, offer pages or other parts of the Yoni Pleasure Palace website.

Copy your standard affiliate link - https://www.yonipleasurepalace.com/?ref=example

If you want to link to a specific product e.g the heart oil, simply copy the original link from our website https://www.yonipleasurepalace.com/shop/breast-massage-oil-shemana-heart-activation

Then add /?ref= example to the end of it... so your final link should look like the below; https://www.yonipleasurepalace.com/shop/breast-massage-oil-shemana-heart-activation/?ref=example

Rosie Rees

2. Wholesale:

If you are holding workshops or have a yoga studio, health store or online shop, you may like to stock our products so customers can intuitively choose their own yoni egg or wand.

We require you to order a minimum quantity of 5 products per line (i.e. 5 x Rose Quartz Eggs) at a wholesale rate.

Veronica (or V) is our Wholesale & Affiliate Manager who can help your order. Her email is yppwholesale @ gmail . com. All our eggs and wands are sent with YPP branded pouches and brochures.

Reach out to Veronica here to receive our catalogue.

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